The Duggars Are Demonic And Are Filled With Sexual Deviances, One Of The Duggars Was Found To Be Molesting Four Of His Own Sisters, And Multiple Other Young Girls, Fondling Their Vaginas And Breasts (WE WARNED YOU THAT THE DUGGARS ARE A CULT, AND WE WERE RIGHT!)

By Theodore Shoebat

The Duggars are demonic and are filled with sexual deviancies. One of the Duggars, Josh Duggar, was found to have had molested four young girls, his own sisters! warned you about the Duggars last year, and many of you were upset about this, but in the end, we were correct in our analysis (to read our articles on the Duggars, click here, here and here). I did an entire video on this:

It has been confirmed that Josh Duggar was investigated by the authorities for numerous sex offenses, and by offenses I don’t mean any small crimes. I mean Josh forced himself on these girls and fondled them, touching their breasts and genitalia. He did this to four of his siblings and numerous other girls. According to the voluminous police report, Josh forced himself upon five young girls and fondled their genitals and breasts. On 2006, Springdale police questioned the damnable couple, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Jim told the police that in 2002 a young girl told him that Josh Duggar was molesting her, touching her breasts and vagina while she was sleeping, and this happened numerous times. In 2006, Jim revealed to the police that in July of 2002 Josh admitted to touching a young girl’s breasts while she slept. According to the police report:

James [Jim] said that they disciplined (redacted, Josh) after this incident.

The Duggar family did not inform authorities when it was known what evils their son Josh was committing.

Jim Bob also said to the police that about nine months later, in March of 2003, “there was another incident.” This time, Josh was yet again accused by a young girl of touching her breasts and vagina. Josh was accused by numerous other young girls of fondling their vaginas, many times when they were sleeping, but at times even when they were awake.

Jim then “met with the elders of his church and told them what was going on.” Not one of the Duggars reported it to the police, nor to any other law enforcement agency. Rather, they simply sent the little deviant to a “program [that] consisted of hard physical work and counseling. James said that [redacted, Josh] was in the program from March 17, 2003 until July 17, 2003.”

According to Jim the program was a “Christian program.” But this was far from the truth. Michelle Duggar later told the police that Josh actually never got any counseling. The reality was that he was simply sent to a family friend. As we read in the police report, Michelle told the police:

it was not really a training center. Det. [Darrell] Hignite asked if the guy [redacted, Josh] talked to was a certified counselor. She said no. She said it was a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building. Det. Hignite asked if the guy was more of a mentor. She said “kind of.”

When the police interviewed numerous of the young girls, in December of 2006, they told the authorities that Josh “had touched their breasts and sex organs.”

What was his punishment? Instead of having this deviant arrested, In 2006 Jim Bob and the elders of their church brought Josh to Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens. Did officer Hutchens arrest the evil boy? No. Instead Hutchens simply gave a “very stern talk.” In other words, they did nothing. This same officer was part of the same depravities as Josh, because Hutchens is now serving a 56 year prison sentence for owning child porn. The church knew what was going on, and did nothing, the officer did nothing, the family did nothing, which indicates that all of these people are part of the cult, cover up for rape and molestation, and are accomplices to the evil nature of this diabolical sect.

So how did the evil reality of the Duggars come to light? How did it leak from the fake smiles of this cultish family? The Duggars admitted to the police that when Josh was accused of molesting young girls, “a family friend aware of what had happened had written down in a letter what he knew of [redacted, Josh’s] actions…That letter had been placed in a book and had subsequently been forgotten about. Just recently [in 2006] the book had been loaned to someone else with the letter in it and another person discovered the letter.”

The Duggars refused to inform the police as to who wrote the letter and who found it.

Upon the time when the Duggars were to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show in 2006, a 61 year old woman (who has not been identified) sent an email to the show warning them about Josh Duggar’s evil activities.

Harpo Studios sent the same letter to the Department of Human Services hotline. From this commenced the investigation on the Duggars.

Once the police requested from Jim to bring Josh in for an interview in 2006, he immediately tried to hire a lawyer and actually refused to produce his son for questioning. What is amazing is that two lawyers had enough conscience to refuse to take his case. Jim Duggard left a voice message on an officer’s phone, saying that his son will not be coming in for questioning. According to the police report: “Det. Hignite received a voice mail from Mr. Duggar stating that [redacted] had hired an attorney and would not be coming in for an interview.”

Tell me, are these the actions of Christians? It was not just the family, but the whole church was involved in covering up for this evil man, just as in Islamic society a whole mosque will protect a terrorist.

I warned you about the Duggars, and many of you were upset, saying that I should not be judging fellow “Christians.” The Duggars are not Christians, they are a cult, a cult just as violent and deviant as Islam. This new information confirms what I was saying since last year on this dark and diabolical family.

Here is the first video I did in which I affirmed and substantiated that the Duggars are indeed a cult:

After the video was published, I received a tremendous amount of vitriol from followers of Gothard and Duggar sycophants, and so I made a video to further affirm what I said and to respond to all of the complainers who were upset at me (all for emotional and intellectually inhibiting reasons of course):

This revealed crime within the Duggar family is only one new leaked piece of information. There will be more crimes and depravities being leaked as time goes on. It is always the case with these cults that try to appeal as clean and moral. The world looks at them and says, “Beautiful, clean cut and Protestant, I wish I was more like them” or “I wish my family was more like them.” The truth is that you don’t want to be like the Duggars; you don’t want to be fake, dysfunctional, and absent of true confession.

The Duggars are a perfect example of what I like to call church trash, or people who exude a very religious persona to masquerade for their own deviancies. Church trash will always excuse their evil behavior by bringing up “Jesus” to gain the support of their sycophants, the types who will always obsequiously say something like: “Oh come on! You don’t know their hearts. So he made a mistake, the Lord always forgives, and you cannot deny that they are introducing the Gospel to people who may have never heard it! They are better than all of the other shows, and they are the cleanest on TV.”

The Duggars are not the cleanest show on TV, they are in fact one of the filthiest things I have seen on television (they are on TLC, which, to me, stands for Trash Life Center) They teach people how to be hypocrites, how to hide their evils behind Christianity, how to cover up for sinister cultish evil. I will give you an example of how these followers of the Duggars and Bill Gothard cover up their evil with sophism and sycophancy.

When I gave my first warning in regards to the Duggars, I almost immediately received the reaction of Adam McManus, a radio host with whom I did an interview a number of years ago.

Adam Mcmanus, a defender of cult leader,  Bill Gothard

Adam Mcmanus, a defender of cult leader, Bill Gothard

Within the conversation Adam refused to call Bill Gothard a cultist regardless of his sexual deviancy. Here is the discourse:

Adam: were you serious when you said you think the Duggars are a cult or were you just trying to get a rise out of your friends?

Theodore Shoebat: I understand that this is a sensitive issue, but I sincerely believe they are a cult. I am not trying to get attention. On my thread, I expose a lot of things people see as sacred or righteous. There are many cults that give big bowls of punch with microscopic drops of poison, and these are the ones we need to watch out for

Adam: I have interviewed them and met them. I disagree. What leads you to draw that conclusion?

Theodore Shoebat: They are supporters of Bill Gothard, a known cult leader

Adam: Bill Gothard certainly has had his issues — primarily being inappropriate with young women. And some have concluded that he teaches a form of modesty which is sadly not even seen among Christians today who too often dress like the world. None of that makes him a cult leader.

Theodore Shoebat: Muslims have the same modesty. Modesty does not necessarily make one orthodox. Cult leaders exploit their female followers, Bill Gothard is just like this.

Adam: You’re right that modesty does not necessarily make one orthodox, nor does it make one a cult leader. I wish more people — women in particular were modest in their dress. There are all kinds of immoral men — Christian and non-Christian — who exploit women — including those in the sex trafficking world. But that does not make them cultists.

Theodore Shoebat: Anyone who makes a religious institution and uses that to his advantage over women, is a cult leader.

Adam: How do you figure that? Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker took advantage of women. But they were not cultists.

Theodore Shoebat: Have you not read the testimonies of women who were sexually harassed by this man? He was taking advantage of them and using God as his justification, a trait of any cult.

Adam: Yes, I have read some of those testimonies. But that does not mean he is a cultists. Was King David a cultist?

Theodore Shoebat: So since Muhammad had sex with multiple women, this alone in your mind does not make him a cultist?
King David didn’t use God as his justification, we cannot use moral equivalency

Adam: Not everyone admits to their sin at first blush. Ultimately, Bill Gothard did admit that he had been inappropriate. David and Gothard were both motivated by their sinful lusts.

Theodore Shoebat: You never answered the question

Adam: Joseph Smith was a cultist. He taught things that the Bible is clearly at odds with — multiple wives, there is no hell, men can become gods and populate planets of their own, etc. What was false about what Gothard taught?

I would classify Muhammed as the founder of a false religion.

Theodore Shoebat: Does Muhammad’s sexual relationships with multiple women alone make him a cultist? Yes or no

Adam: I don’t define whether someone is a cultist based on whether they have sex with lots of women. That would make Hugh Hefner a cultist. it’s about advocating a false religion which claims to be Christian — whether or not they exploit women.

Theodore Shoebat: So then by your own logic Muhammad’s sexual relationships with multiple women, under a supposed authority of God, alone does not make him a cultist. Amazing logic

Also, by your own logic, one can have sex with multiple women under a title of Godliness, and still not be a cult, but a true religion. Again, amazing logic.

Adam: Ted, I am not defending sin. I’m just saying it does not define a cult. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are both cults because of the theological error of their ways — totally apart from any sexual sin which they may or may not participate in.

Theodore Shoebat: So if a church teaches good doctrine, but practices group sex and polygamy, would you classify that as a cult? What if you yourself were a member of this church, would you say that you were in a cult? Yes or no.

Adam never answered my last question, but yet blocked me on facebook.

His refusal to call Gothard, and his Duggar following, a cult, or any group that uses God to gain sex, a cult, illustrates his own unreasonable loyalty toward Gothard and the Duggars. It also illustrates another point: those who are obsequiously loyal to Gothard, the Duggars, or those like them, will say anything to cover up for their evils.

In all of these cults that want to bring America back to the “Puritan” days, with this utopian vision that if they could only go back to Puritan society that America will be more “moral,” the end result is always one man (or a group of men) dominating over the rest, taking women to be concubines, raping and molesting young girls (and at times boys), and committing all sorts of atrocious violence. There are people who want us to emulate the Duggars and the demonic teachings of Bill Gothard. The truth is that we should never emulate them or their cult leader Gothard, if we did, America would not only fall deeper into moral decay, but would be transformed into another Afghanistan, where incestual rape and child molestation within families is so engrained within the society, that it is ever rarely punished by the authorities (I explain and show examples of this in my first Duggar video).

They will say, “But they read the Bible!” As my father says, “The reading of Scripture, without knowing the history of Christianity, is the plight of fools.” The Bible is a volume, a compilation of books by authors who are now in Heaven and no longer here. Anyone can read their writings to justify whatever they want. To read the Bible, without the aid of Church History and the Church Fathers, is like trying to sail a ship without the help of experience or training, only worse.

Imagine if you have an entire society of people who call themselves surgeons, who try to merit their title of surgeons by saying that they read a few medical books here and there. You then go to the hospital and one of these persons is about to operate on your heart. You tell him, “You’ve never went to medical school. How could I trust you?” He gets extremely upset and goes into a rage, and says, “How dare you question my authority! I have been reading this medical text book for 35 years! I don’t need no stinking medical school!” Would you want this person operating on you? No one would. But why is it, that with the Bible, the inspired teachings of God, we treat it as though anyone can read it and automatically be a teacher?

This is the source of all of the cults in America: everyone is now a theologian, everyone is their own pope. Little groups dominated by evil men are formed, each one under a tyrant just as despotic as any tyrant who rules over a nation.

One thing I want to stress is that the Duggars are not an anomaly, they are in reality a reflection of American society, where cultic rape and molestation is rampant and very common. If the Duggars were Muslim, then millions would be up protesting for the show’s cancelation. But because the Duggars fit the accepted American “Christian” image, many Americans are more than willing to defend them, rather than condemn them. You already have Mike Huckabee (who fits the typical image of the mainstream American conservative pastor), already saying that what Josh Duggar did was a “mistake,” saying: “Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things.”

Molesting multiple girls is now a “mistake.” There are Muslims in Afghanistan who molest girls, are they also making a “mistake”? I remember there was a reality show called The All-American Muslim. Huge amounts of Christians were calling for the show to be canceled (and rightfully so), and eventually their voices were heard and the show was pulled down. But why is it, then, that with the Duggars there is little to no outrage by the conservative Christians, regardless of the facts that the Duggars advance the agenda of Bill Gothard — a child molester and cult leader — and that Josh Duggar molested numerous young girls?

This hypocrisy stems from numerous things: (1) the Duggars fit the image that American Christians revere; (2) because they fit the image, when they do something evil, they have to cover up for them because they are “one of us,” and their actions are just something we should accept as the way things are; (3) the Muslims are not “one of us” and even though they will do the same evils, they are not worthy of defense. The veneration for the Duggars is a veneration of an image that is upon the altar of American Christianity, which is truly a national cult. It is this type of hypocrisy that stirs me to absolutely despise the mainstream conservative movement. For us not to go against the Duggars for this coverup, makes us just as bad — or even worse — than the Muslims.

I remember when I was in high school, I considered myself a conservative. I probably would have admired the Duggars, but then as years went by, and I began to read the Church Fathers, I gradually came to the realization that it was all a facade. I began to read the City of God by Augustine, and here I saw — like a shadow on the wall, framed by the glimmer of the candlelight — the difference between the citizen of Heaven and a slave of the devil; I read Lactantius’ Divine Institutes, and here I saw what great difference there is (through the clearest lens) between the society of pagans and the civilization of Christendom; I read Eusebius’ Life of Constantine, and here I learned what a leader is. The more I read the writings of the holy Fathers, the ascetic writings of hermits, and the works of melancholic thinkers, the more I came to realize how much of a trend the conservative movement is, how attached it is to image, and how detached it is from eternal truths. I no longer called myself a conservative, and from then have referred to myself as a Christian militant.

To be a Christian is to be a citizen of Heaven, not a sycophant to the American view of what Christianity is. To be a Christian is to look at the image that is perceived as Christian — the clean cut looks, the quick declaration of being “pro life” and “pro marriage,” the projection of piety, the fake smiles, the facade of family values and morals — and say, “You are just an image, an idol that needs to be shattered.”