BREAKING! From Australia: A 15-year-old Iranian-born MUSLIM gunman was behind yesterday’s terrorist attack on police headquarters

By BI: Gunman, now identified as Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar (below,) who shot IT worker dead at police HQ in Parramatta was a 15- year-old radicalized Muslim youth born in Iran who visited a mosque (jihad indoctrination center) on his way to commit murder – as police confirm the attack was ‘an act of Islamic terrorism.’ After killing the ‘kafir’ (unbeliever), the teenage Muslim gunman chanted “Allahu Akbar” in front of the police station. 


Daily Mail  The teenager, a naturalized Australian who arrived with his family from Iran, had walked to the police headquarters in Charles Street from his home in North Parramatta before opening fire on a civilian police employee. The ‘radicalised’ Muslim youth gunned down police finance department employee and father-of-two Curtis Cheng at close range before being killed by a police officer.

In a press conference with New South Wales premiere Mike Baird, Police commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed the teens actions were ‘politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism’.


En route to the killing the youth, originally from Iran, had visited Parramatta Mosque, The Daily Telegraph reported. Witnesses of the attack on Friday afternoon said after the killing, the teen paraded in front of the police station with his weapon chanting ‘Allah, Allah’, it was reported.

Strikeforce Fellows has been set up to investigate and police are working with Islamic communities who have offered their support, Commissioner Scipione says. Police had been in contact with the killer’s family. The youth had an Iraqi and Kurdish background.


The killer carried no identification and it was believed his brother contacted police with his identity, the Daily Telegraph reported. The gunman, at present believed to have been acting alone, shot dead Mr Cheng at close range outside the Parramatta police headquarters in a targeted attack on Friday, which has been described as a ‘brutal’ and ‘callous murder’.

The assailant, dressed all in black, fired a number of shots at special constables guarding the NSW Police station in Sydney, before he was gunned down and killed by one of the officers. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said Mr Cheng was ‘simply leaving work’ when he was shot in the back of the head by the gunman who was wearing ‘dark trousers and a flowing top’.

Gee, I wonder if this church in Parramatta would like to rethink this?

Gee, I wonder if this church in Parramatta would like to rethink this?

NSW premiere Mike Baird called for Sydney and state communities to ‘stay together’ in the wake of the attack. ‘We can not let actions such as these divide us… we have to come together.’

The commissioner revealed a number of warnings had been sent round to police in the past two years reminding them to be ‘vigilant’ about attacks, but assured that the people of NSW were ‘safe’. ‘I have viewed a number of pieces of footage, I can tell you that this was a brutal crime. It was a terrible crime.


AUSTRALIA: Footage of Muslim teenage terrorist dancing and shouting “Allah Akbar” after killing a staffer at a Sydney police station

New ‘dhimmi’ Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball warns people “not to blame or vilify the entire Muslim community for the actions of one who belongs to a very small minority of violent Muslim extremists.” HAH! Before his rampage, Fardad Jabar Khalil Mohammed had been to the Parramatta Mosque, no doubt where he was radicalized and got his inspiration for the terrorist attack.