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GERMANY: Christian refugees have to be separated from Muslims because they fear for their lives

By BI: Christian refugees think they will be safe in the West. But when there are many more Muslims than Christians in refugee camps, the Christians continue to be persecuted. Muslims say, “Wherever we are, there is the Sharia, there is our law.” The situation is so bad that Christians claim they live like “prisoners” in Germany, and […]

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OKLAHOMA: Tulsa’s Veterans Day Parade participant calls designated Muslim terrorist group’s participation in parade ‘atrocious’

By BI: For the first time, CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Tulsa on Nov. 11, and many veterans are outraged by it. Larry Williamson, a member of the Tulsa 912 Project, a conservative organization, said it is “atrocious” to ask veterans to “march alongside people […]

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It Has Now Been Confirmed That Turkey And Saudi Arabia Are Sending In ISIS Agents Into Europe In Order To Have Muslims Conquer Europe And Force Europeans To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat In the divinely blessed land of the Balkans, the agents of the abysmal spirits are sending their bringers of destruction into the nation. Turkey and Qatar are sending in ISIS commanders and soldiers into Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to advance the Islamic cause. Dzevad Galijasevic, a terrorism expert, said: Turkey sends […]

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Erdoğan Is Rigging The whole Election In Turkey To Takeover The Nation. Total Darkness Will Soon Loom The Middle East

By Walid Shoebat Fuat Avni has proved to have startlingly accurate knowledge of events in Turkey before they happen. He is believed by some observers to be an insider in the administration of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He has captivated the country with his mostly reliable predictions of events. referring to the Turkish leader as “the Tyrant.” Gyges was first […]

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Two Muslim Men Rape Two Christians Girls As They Try To Go To The Bathroom. They Go On Trial, Muslims Pressure The Government To Release The Rapists. The Court Declares Them Innocent And They Are Now Free

By Theodore Shoebat Two Muslims in Pakistan raped two Christian girls as they were trying to go to the bathroom. The two rapists were put on trial. Muslim terrorist groups then began to push for their acquittal and even began intimidating a key witness. Now the two rapists have been acquitted and are free. Here […]

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Russian Government Declares That Muslims Are Conducting Mass Killings And Are Attacking Christian Churches And That Russia Will Always Protect Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has expressed its great concern for the Christians in the Middle East, declaring that Muslim terrorists are conducting mass murders and are also attacking Christian churches. Russia has also declared that it will always protect Christians. According to one Russian report: Foreign Ministry’s plenipotentiary for Human Rights says Russia […]

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Two Men Risk Their Lives To Expose The Evils Of ISIS, They Go To Turkey Where They Are Then Attacked By Muslims And Beheaded. It Looks Like Turkey Murdered Them For Going Against ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Two men were documenting the crimes of ISIS and were quite instrumental in exposing and revealing what evils were being done. While they were in Turkey they were suddenly attacked by terrorists and beheaded. People in Turkey are being beheaded; this is Turkey, a supposedly moderate nation. Why is this happening there? […]

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WATCH: ISIS Released Video Showing Russian Airliner Crashing in Sinai Egypt

Walid Shoebat Amaq agency for ISIS claimed that ISIS downed the Russian airliner and produced two videos that show footage of a downed civilian aircraft: #عاجل تنظيم #الدولة_الإسلامية ينشر مقطع فيديو يقول إنه ﻹسقاط #الطائرة_الروسية في #سيناء — غريب (@iq2015_bgd) October 31, 2015 Officials say that the plane crashed due to technical difficulty and […]

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BREAKING! Russian airliner with more than 200 aboard has crashed in Sinai. ISIS takes ‘credit

By BI: Kolavia Flight 7K9268, an Airbus A320, went off radar 23 minutes after taking off the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt, Sergey Izvolskiy told the media citing preliminary data. The plane was carrying 212 passengers, mostly Russian tourists, and 7 crew. All are believed dead. Egyptian security sources also reportedly said there was no indication the […]

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COURAGE! Pennsylvania Christian homeless shelter will sacrifice tens of thousands in federal funding rather than be forced to hire Muslim employees

By BI: A Christian homeless shelter in Pennsylvania could lose more than half its funding because it doesn’t want Muslim employees and has refused to sign a government contract barring hiring discrimination. Founder Bill Halle says Jesus is the center of the foundation’s work. He says, “You cannot have a Muslim within our organization.” Trib Live  The Grace Youth and Family […]

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Only a self-hating leftist Jew like Bernie Sanders would hug a Muslim supremacist and vow to fight the growing counter-jihad movement in America

By BI: Once again, the party of treason’s resident communist, Bernie Sanders, is leading the fight against Americans who oppose violent jihad spreading around the world, rampant unscreened Muslim immigration destroying Western culture, and creeping Islamization which is already turning Europe into an Islamic State…and coming soon to America. Breitbart   The Hill reported that “Sen. Bernie Sanders […]

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