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The Mexican Drug Cartel Which Is Slaughtering Tens Of Thousands Of People And Causing Tremendous Amounts Of Crime In The United States, Is Now Working With Islamic Terrorists And The Antichrist Nation Of Turkey

By Walid Shoebat Opiates originating in Afghanistan threaten the health and well-being of people in many regions of the world.  Heroin is the most dangerous drug worldwide. This report presents data on the distribution of trafficking flows for Afghan opiates and their health impact through- out the world. Trafficking in Afghan opiates is also very […]

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Mexican Drug Gangster In San Antonio, TX, Takes 13 Year Old Gir And Traps Her Inside Of A Drug Sales House, Brutally Rapes Her Several Times And Burns Her Face

By Theodore Shoebat A Mexican drug gangster in San Antonio, TX, named Arnold Quintero trapped a 13 year girl inside of a drug dealing house, raped her several times and burned her face with a lighter. According to a local Texas report: The beginning of the 2015 was agonizing for one 13-year-old San Antonio girl […]

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Two Hundred Officers Surround Church And Protect Government Workers As They Destroy And Demolish The Church With Sledgehammers

By Theodore Shoebat Two hundred officers in Indonesia surrounded several Christian church in order to protect government workers as they demolished and destroyed it. Indonesian workers also destroyed several other churches. Here is a photo of the demolishment, in which the Muslim workers are hitting the church with sledgehammers: Here is the report: Authorities in […]

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All Who Slander And Teach That Salvation Is Without Jesus Are Of The Devil

By Walid Shoebat The devil is a lying slanderer and if I was the devil and I wanted to argue against Christianity, I would always make it look bizarre, I would slander and write: “Salvation in Christianity is strange. To begin with, Christianity teaches that God grants actual grace to a person which enables him to […]

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ISIS Takes Seventy People And Is About To Slaughter All Of Them. All Of A Sudden American Forces Ambush Them And Begin Rescuing The People. One ISIS Terrorist Opens Fire And Murders An American Officer. The Americans Fire Back And Slaughter Ten ISIS Thugs, And They Rescue All Of The Seventy People

ISIS was about to slaughter seventy people when American Delta Forces, accompanied by Kurdish fighters, intercepted and neutralized the killing operation. The rescue team shot and killed ten ISIS fighters. Although, lamentably, ISIS murdered one American commando. According to one report: The Special Operations forces and Kurdish peshmerga troops launched the operation early on Thursday […]

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