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New Evidence Reveals: Putin Is Destroying ISIS While Obama Is Helping ISIS

By Walid Shoebat Ever wonder why the U.S. could not defeat ISIS? It was not ISIS’s invincibility, ISIS was defeated by women at the Battle of Kobani. It is because ISIS is needed to stay alive and well per U.S. political plans and now new evidence reveals that the U.S. was making mock attacks that was not targeting […]

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By BI: These instructions were found in a school text book used by Palestinian Muslim children in the classroom. Israel’s envoy to the United Nations, Danny Danon, tells UN that Israelis are “being stabbed, bombed, run over and stoned” by Palestinians in a “tide of terror” that “spares no one: babies, children, men and women.” At the same time, […]

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Is it a mop sink, a Muslim footbath…or an extra urinal for students at the University of Georgia?

By BI: Looking at this picture at first glance you see just a regular mop sink in the bathroom right? Well I work at the University of Georgia in the same shop as the brick masons, when they got the work order they were a little bit curious as to why they wanted a mop sink […]

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MINNESOTASTAN: Somali Muslim bus driver refused to allow 16-year-old girl off the bus unless she gave him oral sex

By BI: A Somali Muslim Metro Transit driver, 32-year-old Mahmud Dabshir Aden of Minneapolis, who came to the U.S. as a ‘refugee’ from Somalia 8 years ago, was arrested by Metro Transit Police for refusing to let a pregnant teenage girl off the bus, exposing himself, and demanding oral sex, according to the criminal complaint filed. Star Tribune /TopRightNews  Aden was charged […]

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GERMAN school children are being forced to clean up garbage left behind by Muslim invaders

By BI: The gift that keeps on giving? Muslim invaders are turning German towns into orgies of garbage and feces and school children, ‘Christian’ school children, are being forced by the Merkel government (disguised as a ‘school project’) to clean up after the Muslim so-called refugees who show no respect for the people or countries that […]

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TENNESSEE: Self-hating Christian and Jewish leaders ‘condemn’ proposed bill to cut Islamic doctrine teaching in public schools

By BI: Let’s see, will it be the Jewish or the Christian religious leaders who get beheaded first when Islam takes over? As Muslim leaders like to say, “first (we kill) the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” RELATED STORIES/VIDEOS: tennessee-public-middle-school-is-forcing-non-muslim-students-to-praise-islam-and-allah-as-the-only-god

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Major Christian Persecution Is Happening In England — Muslims Stab Christians, Stone Them With Rocks, Hit Them With Bricks, And Attack Christians With Fire

By Theodore Shoebat Major persecution in England and in the UK, with Christians living in the Islamic “no-go” zones facing all sorts of attacks by Muslims. The Muslims throw stones at their cars, attack them with knives and fire, and say all sorts of abuses at them. As we read from one report: As the […]

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