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HEE HEE! Donald Trump mocks Muslim women for wearing headbags over their faces

By BI: Trump extended his blunt-force brand of diplomacy and non-interventionist stance to women’s rights, saying that America should stop meddling in Middle Eastern affairs because Muslim women there “don’t want freedom,” as evidenced by their desire to wear burkas or niqabs, which cover their faces. CBS News  “With the women over there, they don’t have to […]

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Islamic State (ISIS) runs over Syrian Christian man with a tank, crushing his head like a prune (WARNING: Graphic)

By BI: Despite claiming it would not release any more execution videos, the Islamic State has upped the ante with a new clip showing a tank crushing an orange-clad Syrian Christian prisoner. Clarion Project  Quoting the quranic ‘eye-for-an-eye’ verse, ISIS drives a tank over a former Syrian soldier and proudly displays his remains before the camera. ISIS has […]

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WOO HOO! First Switzerland, then Austria, now Poland lurches to the right in Parliamentary elections

By BI: Poland consolidated its rightwing shift on Sunday as the Conservative Law and Justice Party wins 242 of 460 seats in parliament, ending 8 years of centrist rule. Exit polls showed voters had handed an absolute majority to the Eurosceptic party that is against all Muslim immigration, wants Polish family-focused welfare spending and has threatened to ban […]

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Watch Palestinian Muslim Woman Raising A Knife At Israeli Soldiers Then They Gunned Her Down

By Walid Shoebat Police are looking into the motives of a young Arab woman who was shot by police last week while she brandished a knife at the Afula central bus station in Israel. The woman, 30, who is hospitalized at the Poriya Hospital near Tiberias in moderate condition, is reported by local media Yediot […]

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Guess what else Muslim so-called ‘refugees’ are bringing into Germany

By BI: A RAPE EPIDEMIC. Growing numbers of German women and very young girls across the country are being raped by Muslim immigrants. At this rate, Germany could by bypass Sweden as the Muslim rape capital of Europe. Not surprisingly, many of the rapes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling […]

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It Is Now Confirmed And Scientists Now Predict That Mecca Will Be Destroyed By Extreme Heat

By Walid Shoebat The devil knows prophecy and he knows that the earth will heat up so he invents the concept global-warming and has his sycophants like Al Gore push the agenda. But “global warming” is predicted in the Bible, and now a team of scientists predicts that while the whole earth will heat up, the epicenter of such […]

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The United Kingdom Will Be Bringing In 21,000 Immigrants. All Of Them Are Muslim And Not One Of Them Is Christian. Now Major Members Of The Government Are Pushing The UK To Accept Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The United Kingdom will be bringing in 21,000 immigrants. All of them are Muslims and not one of them is known to be a Christian. Now some major parliamentarians are pushing for the UK to accept Christians. According to the report: Members of the House of Lords are asking U.K. Prime Minister […]

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