Archive | October 30, 2015

Erdogan takes over two opposition newspapers, turns them into Erdogan mouthpieces overnight!

As Walid pointed out a few days ago, Erdogan, the leader of the Antichrist Turkey has recently gone on a rampage seizing control of his opposition in the media. He did that earlier this week with an opposition media group called Koza Ipek, sending police officers to physically take control of the company. Well two […]

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MULTICULTURALISM ON STEROIDS? Western leaders keep reassuring us that massive Muslim immigration will benefit society and boost the economy

By BI: In some respects they’re right. Imagine all the overtime pay law enforcement officers will be making. Take Paris, for example – in the throes of Muslim cultural and religious ‘enlightenment’ – expect to see scenes like this all over the Europe soon…and in America a little later. WATCH THIS UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO FROM PARIS. You’ve probably […]

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The Obama Administration Is Releasing Six Thousand Criminals From Prison Into The Streets Of America. Get Your Guns Ready Because These Criminals Are Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat The Obama Administration is releasing six thousand criminals from prison into the streets of America. They don’t even know if these criminals are going to be dangerous. All I can say is, lock and load and get get your guns ready, because these criminals will be dangerous. According to the report: Roughly […]

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Franklin Graham Goes To Russia And Meets With The Pope Of Russia To Fight Against The Homosexual Agenda And The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Franklin Graham went to Russia where he discussed with the pope of Russia, Patriarch Kirill, the homosexual agenda and the Islamic persecution of Christians. According to the report: Evangelical preacher the Rev. Franklin Graham met with Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill of Moscow earlier this week, where the two discussed issues pertaining […]

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UK Muslim father living on welfare benefits for over a decade says he’s not responsible for breeding 11 future welfare parasites because Allah wants it

By BI: A father of eleven who has been claiming benefits for the past ten years says he doesn’t believe in using contraception – even though he admits the government pays for his children’s upkeep. Mohammed Salim (photo below) and his wife Noreen, 40, from Rochdale, receive £27,000 a year in child tax credits and “job […]

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RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE claims that Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are amassing on the Afghan border for a huge invasion of Central Asia

By BI: Thousands of Islamic State fighters, aided by the Taliban, are on Afghanistan’s northern border ready to march into neighboring states, Russian intelligence officials have revealed. Central Asia is a place of long-standing geopolitical confrontation. Now it turns into another ISIS active front, aimed at terrorizing the region, stealing resources and land, while subjecting the populace […]

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American Israeli ex-pat who strongly supported peaceful “coexistence” with Arab Muslims was stabbed, then shot in the head by an Arab Muslim

By BI: Arab Muslim occupiers in Israel (aka Palestinians) boarded a bus and for no reason, other than his faith, stabbed Jewish man and then shot him in the head. He died of his wounds several days later. Here, his son fails to see the irony as he laments his father’s violent and brutal passing by the […]

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