Archive | October 11, 2015

The Next Crusade Is Coming Soon, Jesus Will Return And Lead The Crusaders To Victory

The next Crusade is coming soon, Jesus will return and guide it. Watch this very interesting discussion with Theodore Shoebat and Eric Gajewski, in which they talk about the coming Crusade: You can follow Eric by going to his website (click here), his Twitter (click here), his Google Plus (click here), his youtube account (click […]

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Amazing Discoveries Reveal That The Shroud Of Turin Included The Gospels, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection And The Trinity

By Julie LaBrecque And Walid Shoebat The evidence for the Shroud of Turin being divinely made is overwhelming; not only is it beyond doubt that it is the very burial cloth used to bury Christ, but the Shroud survived throughout the ages from fires and the scrutiny of science and the slander of men it put an end […]

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