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Putin Sends The Most Elite Russian Force In The Military Into Syria And Orders Them To Wipe Out ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Proving that Obama and his administration was full of garbage when they talked about making a plan to destroy ISIS, Putin is deploying the most elite force in Russia — the Spetsnaz — and has ordered them to destroy ISIS. Let this Holy War succeed. As we read in one reputable report: […]

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Muslims Attack Christians With Machine Guns And Rocket Launchers, Well Armed Christian Warriors Attack Them And Drive Them Out, And Are Now Working To Crush The Islamic Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS attacked the city of Hasakah but were suddenly driven back, by Assyrian Christian warriors who, with both faith and guns, fought them off. After about a week of fighting the Christians managed to compel ISIS to retreat, just as Christ compelled the devil to flee from Him. conducted an exclusive […]

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The Gog of Turkey “Erdogan” Threatens The Crusader of Russia “Putin” (The Tension Between Russia and Turkey Is Escalating)

By Walid Shoebat The Gog of Turkey, president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said his country could not endure Russian violations any longer of its airspace in its campaign in Syria. Russian involvement in the 4½-year-old Syrian civil war seems to be escalating, with NATO’s secretary general confirming Tuesday a second incursion by Russian planes into Turkish airspace and saying […]

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Franklin Graham: “Persecution and targeting of Christians isn’t just in Iran or the Middle East, it’s right here in America”

By Theodore Shoebat Franklin Graham, on account of the Oregon massacre and other anti-Christian measures done in America, said: Persecution and targeting of Christians isn’t just in Iran or the Middle East, it’s right here in America According to the report: The Rev. Franklin Graham has said the mass shooting at a college in Oregon […]

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EU plans to build a bridge between North Africa and Europe to make it easier for Muslims to turn Europe into an Islamic continent

By BI: The proposed  Jean-Monnet-Bridge will bring an inevitable armageddon and the absolute elimination of European culture and Christianity as we know it. Newly elected refugee coordinator for Austria, Christian Konrad, wants to build a bridge from North Africa to Europe. Political Beauty  A lifeline between the two continents and the largest economic stimulus package in the history of […]

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In the UK, microwaving a sausage roll or bacon sandwich at work could now be considered a hate crime

By BI: It may seem an innocent enough act to warm up your sausage roll or BLT in the microwave during lunch hour. But think again, because doing so could seriously upset colleagues of different faiths (No, ONLY the Islamic faith), new guidelines on the etiquette of using communal kitchens at work suggest. UK Daily Mail  Similarly, it […]

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THANKS to Russia’s bombing campaign, 450 Obama-trained/funded Free Syrian Army ‘rebels’ surrender to Syrian Security Forces in Dara’a

By BI: Syrian Security Forces inside the provincial capital of the Dara’a Governorate were surprised by the huge line of 450 anti-Assad militants from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that were preparing to surrender themselves to the state government in exchange for an amnesty hearing offered by a civilian tribunal.  Also, another 250 people wanted by the […]

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The U.S. Military could have easily done this in Syria, but Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t let them

By BI: Russia is having no problem precision-bombing ISIS targets in Syria. For the past year, daily U.S. airstrikes have consisted of bombers going out but coming back with their arsenals in tact…just for show…Obama’s show…pretending to fight ISIS…but in actuality, supporting Islamic State efforts to take out Assad.

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Compilation video of Muslim invaders pretending to be refugees while whining and complaining about hospitality from their European host countries

By BI: Surely one would think these uninvited guests would show a little appreciation for the safety afforded them by the EU host countries who had to scramble to put up emergency accommodations , not to mention the food, money, clothing and medical care they are receiving free of charge. If they don’t like it, […]

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GERMANY: Doctors will not go into Muslim refugee camps unless accompanied by armed police escort

By BI: GERMAN DOCTORS are refusing to go alone on out-calls to a refugee camp after being harassed and threatened by intimidating Muslim gangs. UK Express  They will not visit the so-called ‘tent city’ near Calden, Germany without a security escort, a police spokesman for the region said. The makeshift camp, which houses more than 1,300 refugees, has […]

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