Archive | October 27, 2015

The Antichrist of Turkey Erdoğan Is Mimicking Hitler Invading And Ceasing Control Of The Media

By Walid Shoebat Erdoğan of Turkey is mimicking what Adolf Hitler did when Hitler took power in 1933 attempting to eliminate the multi-party political system and bringing about the demise of newspapers and outlawing the media turning them over directly to the AKP Party as did Hitler with the Nazi Party. And just as the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent […]

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High School Teacher In Texas Forces Students To Deny God And Tells Them That She Will Fail Them If They Do Not Deny God

By Theodore Shoebat A high school student in Texas revealed in a school board meeting that her teacher told the students to deny God and threatened them with a failing grade if they do not deny God. According to the report: A Texas seventh-grader is standing up for her religious beliefs after she alleges her […]

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Abortion Doctor And Major Planned Parenthood Leader Murders Child And Rips The Child’s Eye Out, And Then She Says, “This abortion is going well; it’s going safely”

By Theodore Shoebat An abortion doctor and major Planned Parenthood leader, named Uta Landy, spoke in a conference and boasted about how she murdered a child and that during the abortion the child’s eye fell off. In the talk Landy sadistically said, “”An eyeball just fell down into my lap and that’s gross, and I […]

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The Whore Of Babylon–Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom BUSTED In The Largest Drug Deal In Lebanon’s History

By Walid Shoebat Monday’s drug bust — one of the largest at the airport in Lebanese history — is just the latest incident in what’s been an embarrassing month for the Saudi royal family. Just how much drugs are being shipped by Muslim governments will never be known but Saudi prince Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz […]

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Muslims Send Assassins Into Refugee Camps To Deliberately Slaughter And Kidnap Christians

By Theodore Shoebat According to a recent report, Muslims are sending assassins into refugee camps to deliberately slaughter and kidnap Christians. As we read in one report: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has reportedly concocted a plot to either kidnap of kill Christians in refugee camps. Trained ISIS assassins are infiltrating refugee […]

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Muslims Lock Christian Family Into A Home And Light The Entire House On Fire. The Husband Is So Filled With Anger That He Breaks Open The Door And Rescues His Family

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan locked a Christian family into their home and lit the whole house on fire. The husband, with tremendous will power, broke the door open and rescued his family. According to the report: A mob of radicals in the capital city of Pakistan torched the home of a Christian family […]

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