Archive | October 5, 2015

THE END OF ISIS IS NEAR: Russian Forces Are Terrifying ISIS So Much So That 3000 Terrorists Are Fleeing Syria Headed To Jordan

By Walid Shoebat Russia gained a major victory as it emerged that 3,000 Syrian rebels which included the Islamic State (Isis) fighters have fled Syria heading towards Jordan while Jordan is prepping to await the escaping envoys with force of its own delight. As it seems where Obama is failing, Al-Baghdadi is getting it Russian […]

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The Crusader War Is Erupting Between Russia And Turkey In Syria As Russian MIG-29 placed two Turkish F-16s Under Radar Lock

By Walid Shoebat The unfolding developments between Russia and Turkey reflected a dangerous new superpower entanglement in the war in Syria showing how the situation could escalate and turn on a dime into a full fledged war between two regional superpowers. On Saturday 10 F-16s scrambled at the Turkish-Syrian border during which a Russian MIG-29 placed […]

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