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Qatar And Saudi Arabia Are Now Sounding The Drumbeats Of War With Russia In Syria Calling For “The Destruction Of Damascus” (Isaiah 17)

By Walid Shoebat Qatar, the major sponsor of jihadist in Syria is now actively considering a direct military intervention in Syria, according to its officials. Saudi Arabia clerics are also unanimously calling for a Saudi military intervention in Damascus. So is Washington, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar going to be the gentle dove in the […]

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Erdogan, The Antichrist Leader Of Turkey, Is A Major Drug Dealer Who Has Now Made $200 Billion Dollars In Drug Sales. He Is Making The Great Majority Of His Money By Selling Drugs To Americans In The United States, And The Money Is Being Used To Support And Fund ISIS

By Walid Shoebat In the second part Taleb Ibrahim (if you missed part I click here), a Syrian Middle East analyst who was also a lecturer at the High Institute of National Security in Syria reveals to some more astonishing analysis regarding the drug dealing that Turkey is involved in. Recep Tyyip Erdogan, according to Ibrahim, […]

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Should this chilling 2009 video called “Europe in 2029” be changed to “Europe in 2019?”

By BI: When this video was first posted several years ago, it predicted total chaos in Europe by the year 2029 caused by Muslim immigration. However, now that this ‘immigration’ wave has turned into a full-scale invasion army of Muslim parasites, rapists, and jihadists, parts of Europe as we know it could cease to exist as […]

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By BI: No, this is not Pakistan or Crapistan. It’s not even Dearbornistan. This is downtown Los Angeles, California where Muslim supremacists think they have the right block traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, whenever they feel like lifting their asses to allah in the middle of the street. Vote for Trump, he’ll get rid of the […]

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HEARTBREAKING! Homeless Italian citizens forced to live in tents or cars while hordes of Muslim illegal alien invaders are being housed in nice buildings

By BI: How dare the Italian government put the lives of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and terrorists before its own people? Europe will pay the price of turning their countries into Islamic hellholes. Hopefully, the Italians will do to their leaders what they did to Mussolini.

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THANKS BIBI! Thanks for reminding all the uninformed people about the deep ties between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler during the Holocaust

By BI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under fire from the Muslim-sympathizing media for correctly accusing the World War II Palestinian Grand Mufti of helping to convince Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews. The bold claim has been deemed incorrect by historians who deny history and Israeli opposition leaders. RT  Speaking to the Zionist Congress […]

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