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The Shooter At Umpqua Community College in Oregon IDENTIFIED

By Walid Shoebat Some blogs (like the Gateway Pundit) are trigger happy and will do anything to make the media and have identified one named Toby Reynolds (aka Egg Man) as the shooter. This, as it turns out is FALSE. This was verified as NOT the shooter at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. One reporter tweeted […]

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Turkey Is Sending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslim Terrorists Into Europe In An Islamic Invasion, While Russia Is In Syria Fighting The Islamic Terrorists And Defending Christians

By Walid Shoebat So lets hear one testimony on Putin’s war action in Syria right from the sources in the front lines in Syria. Americans are unaware that Russia is really fighting a flood of Muslims directed by Turkey. The terrorists funnel from countries like Turkmenistan even as far as the Uighur Muslims from China all […]

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The Shooter In Oregon Who Killed Thirteen People Targeted A Jewish Professor And Asked People What Their Religion Was Before Opening Fire

By Theodore Shoebat The shooter in Oregon who killed ten people targeted a Jewish professor, and also asked for the people’s religion before opening fire. The shooter targeted a Jewish teacher and asked every student to state their religion. #Islam #UCCShooting #tcot — Patrick Dollard (@PatDollard) October 1, 2015 According to one local Oregon […]

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Leaked Audio Of Hillary Clinton Going Nuts Bashing Supreme Court On Second Amendment

Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York last week, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. While Clinton has previously supported an assault weapons ban, this is the first time […]

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The Russian Orthodox Church Have So Much Zeal For The Cross That They Are Constructing The World’s First Underwater Orthodox Church Inside The Black Sea

By Walid Shoebat You might think that Russian are crazy, but the Russian Orthodox have so much zeal for the Cross that they are constructing an entire Christian Orthodox Church, even a Temple as they called it, under the waters of the Black Sea near  Sevastopol. The news was announced by the press service of the […]

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Watch Netanyahu glaring at U.N. for 45 seconds after berating its silence on Iran threat to Israel

By Walid Shoebat Netanyahu, the current King of the Jews, glares at U.N. for 45 seconds after berating its silence on Iran threat to Israel. Watch the two Jezebels (the one from Muslim Afghanistan) smirk while he pleads the case of the Jews: God bless the Jews. They will not be smirking once the ultimate […]

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Make No Mistake About It, Russia’s Invasion Of Syria Is A Holy Christian Crusade, Done To Protect Christianity. Russia Is Truly A Christian Nation, And May God Aid Her In The War Against Evil And Islamic Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat Russia’s entering into Syria is a holy war; it is the latest crusade of our time. The Russian Orthodox Church declared this, when its senior cleric, Vsevolod Chaplin, said: Whatever they are trying to justify terrorism with, it cannot be justified. Thus, any fight against terrorism is moral, we can even call […]

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HOT MIC catches German Chancellor Angela Merkel asking Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to crack down on anti-Muslim comments

By BI: No Problem! Pro-illegal alien/Pro-Jihadist Zuckerberg has been cracking down and banning people who post anti-Muslim comments for several years now, while doing nothing about anti-Israel/anti-Christian/anti-American Facebook pages.

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