Archive | October 18, 2015

Muslims Take Innocent Man, Tie Him To A Car, And Drag Him Until His Arms Get Ripped Off From His Body

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims took an innocent man, tied him to a car, and dragged him until his arms were ripped out from his body. Here is the video: ⚠GRAPHIC⚠ ISIS punish an alleged spy with a long painful death by dragging him behind a car, slowly losing his limbs — Israel News Flash […]

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Woman In New York Who Is Possessed By Demons Takes Her 6 Month Old Child And Throws Him Down A Window

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in New York, who is obviously possessed, threw her 6 month old child out a window. This is just another example of the mass demonic possession that is happening in America. I did a whole video on the story and the demonic roots of it: According to the report: A […]

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SHOCKING CHILD ABUSE: Muslim mother smacks her tiny infant across the face several times for crying

AT  A CAMP FOR MUSLIM ILLEGAL ALIENS somewhere in Europe: The mother also pinched closed the baby’s nostrils. When that doesn’t stop him from crying, she goes back to smacking him around some more. Yet nobody tries to stop her, not even the person filming her. CLICK SCREEN BELOW TWICE TO VIEW.

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