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Make No Mistake About It, The Whole Idea Of, “Its All About A Personal Relationship With Jesus” Is Wrong And Dangerous

By Thomas King THE DEADLY HERESY OF “RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD” AND THE SUFI NATURE THEREOF Abraham walked with God, thus he had a true relationship with Him; and if your relationship is like his, then rightly you are blessed. But his relationship was not one of a selfish individualism, or an indulgence to the ego, […]

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Muslims Capture Christian Pastor And Locks Him Up, The Pastor Tells Them Proudly That He Is a Christian, The Muslims Tell Him, “Since you’re a Christian, if you don’t convert we’ll slit your throat with a knife”, The Pastor Leaps On A Motorcycle And Escapes. Forty Other Christians Then Escape On The Same Day

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS recently captured a Christian priest named Father Jacques Mourad in Syria and locked him in the monastery car in the mountains for four days. After that he was moved to another area where he was further kept in captivity. The Muslims incessantly told him: Since you’re a Christian, if you don’t […]

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The Government Of Texas Completely Destroys Funding For Planned Parenthood

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Texas has announced that it will cut off all medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood, thus helping defend the rights and liberties for the unborn. According to the report: Texas announced Monday that it was cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood clinics following undercover videos of officials discussing fetal […]

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Police Officers In Michigan Stop The Car Of An Abortion Doctor, They Open Up The Trunk And Find Containers Full Of Human Body Parts

By Theodore Shoebat Police officers in Michigan raided the home of an abortion doctor named Michael Roth after authorities discovered fourteen containers of human tissue in his trunk. According to a report: After impounding the car, police found 14 plastic containers of what is believed to be the disfigured, mangled remnants of aborted children in […]

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New Video Shows: Muslims Take Two Christians And Tell Them To Convert To Islam. One Of Them Converts To Islam, And The Muslims Let Him Live, But The Other Refuses To Convert To Islam, And Declares That He Is A Christian. The Muslims Grab Him, Throw Him To The Floor, And Saw His Head Off

 SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat “I am Wael Al-Qaed from South Sudan. Yes I AM a CHRISTIAN” he says to ISIS in the video. He refuses to convert to Islam and is taken to the hills to be thrown to the ground and then beheaded. The other sudanese Christian converts to Islam […]

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