Russian Defence Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, confirms that Russian Air Forces have already conducted two training sessions “with our partners from Israel”

By BI: The Russian Air Force and its Israeli counterpart have started a joint training exercise in order to “ensure aviation safety in Syrian airspace”, the defence ministry in Moscow has revealed.

"Hey Vlad, did you just see Obama flip us the bird?"

“Hey Vlad, look at Obama, did he just flip us the bird?”

Middle East Monitor  Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters:. “Mutual Israeli-Russian information-sharing on aircraft activity has been organized using a hotline between the Russian air force command centre at the Hmeimim airbase and a command centre of Israel’s Air Force.” The second stage of training with “our Israeli colleagues” took place on Friday.

A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said earlier that Moscow and Tel Aviv agreed during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last visit to Russia to launch a communication channel for the exchange of information about developments in Syria. Israeli sources confirmed that Moscow had notified Tel Aviv before carrying out airstrikes in Syria. (Will they soon be flying airstrikes together?)

VIDEO is in Russian: