Paving the way for a surge in Saudi-funded mosque construction, France is demolishing landmark churches

By BI: The war against Christianity is being waged all over Europe as the Islamic Caliphate rises. France, in a self-destructive demonstration of its commitment to making the flood of Muslim insurgents feel right at home, has been tearing down historical churches and allowing conversions of many of them into mosques.


Bulgarian Times   Historical Christian institutions and churches are being allowed to fall into disarray as government funds for repairing them dry up. Money that would normally be allocated to repair the churches are being directed instead toward the building of mosques.

Clergy, as well as organizations for the protection of monuments and landmarks representing French culture, apparently are powerless to influence what is happening. The legislation in force is not on their side.

Following the adoption in 1905 of the French law “On the separation of church and state,” most of the religious landmarks have become the property of the state or municipalities, and religious communities have been reduced to the status of mere users.

EU officials are only concerned with the religious demands of the Muslim population.