Major Islamic Terrorist Charge Into Europe And Now Have Secret Base Right In The European Continent

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS agents have infiltrated Europe and now have a secret base right in the Balkans. According to the report:

Since the emergence of the extremist Islamic State group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, thousands of westerners have joined its ranks. The Western governments expressed fear of the returnee jihadists, who could carry out attacks against European and American interests in their countries.

Dozens of ISIS jihadists have infiltrated into European countries and have recently installed a “secret base” in the Balkans, a Croatian official has said.

The terror group has been able to organize dozens of militants in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

According to Croatian intelligence, a group of ISIS foreign militants, who are originally from the Balkans, have returned back to their native countries.

“We have identified an ISIS senior member who most probably organize dozens of Balkan jihadists,” the official said on the condition of anonymity.

Since 2012, hundreds of ISIS jihadists crossed the border into Syria and Iraq coming from the former Soviet republics.

The source said that the ongoing refugee crisis may have facilitated the influx of ISIS sleeper cells into the heart of Europe.

“Many of them may have sought asylum as Syrians,” he added

In June, ISIS circulated a footage on the social media, showing a group of Balkan fighters in Syria, vowing their own government and the American interests with suicide attacks.

The former Soviet countries are deemed to be vulnerable to radicalism.

More than 1,500 Caucasian militants are fighting alongside the hardline group in Syria and Iraq, Russian local media quoted officials as saying.

Syrian civil rights activist Ahmed Mall, based in the ISIS-held city of Raqqa, told ARA News that the number of fighters from the former Soviet Union countries joining the ISIS ranks is continuously increasing, and that many of them have married with Syrian women, especially in the city of al-Bab in Syria’s Aleppo province.

“ISIS leadership pays a lot of attention to such fighters, granting them commanding positions, due to their previous expertise in street wars,” the source added.

Noteworthy, many videos published by ISIS group verified the existence of a significant number of Northern Territory fighters (Caucasus) who are engaged in battles in Syria and Iraq. Some of them occupy high-ranking positions, unlike other foreign jihadists in the ranks of the radical group.

More than 20,000 foreign fighters are currently active in Syria and Iraq, where extremists of ISIS have taken over large areas, the U.N. says.

In the divinely blessed land of the Balkans, the agents of the abysmal spirits are sending their bringers of destruction into the nation. Turkey and Qatar are sending in ISIS commanders and soldiers into Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to advance the Islamic cause. Dzevad Galijasevic, a terrorism expert, said:

Turkey sends soldiers and commanders of individual formations of the Islamic State into BiH with false Syrian and Kuwaiti passports, and other documents, using airport in Sarajevo

Galijasevic also spoke of how Turkey and Qatar are providing hotel vouchers and fictitious identities to ISIS agents with the purpose of destabilizing not just Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but the whole of Europe, saying that they are “to provide ‘hotel vouchers’ and to help that army of extremists with fictitious identities organize an attack on the peace and constitutional order of BiH, but also the stability of the whole of Europe”. He also went on to say that the destabilization of BiH will lead to not just political problems, but religious war, saying,

The term ‘destabilization’ in our language always means ethnic and religious conflict, which is not normally an incident – but a war

Photo of ISIS house in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo of ISIS house in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In January of this year I interviewed Lazar, our Balkans correspondent, and he warned us about this: ISIS infiltration into the Balkans under the superintendence of Turkey. This is what I posted in January:

Both ISIS and Turkey are working with Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to establish an Islamic state the Balkans, and ultimately in all of Eastern Europe. Turkey is doing this with the ultimate intention of eventually controlling the Balkans in its efforts to revive the Ottoman Empire.

While the media is making the current riots and protests in Kosovo as just a secular nationalist cause, once we look below the surface, what we find is that these upheavals and revolts are of the same nature as the revolutions in Syria and Egypt.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Lazar, a Serbian Special Forces veteran, on this entire situation that all Christians must focus on. We did a whole video with footage and photos proving that the protests in Kosovo are truly Islamic:

Make no mistake about it: the current upheavals that have been happening are not peaceful protests, they are part of a wider jihadist movement, that want to create an Islamic state in the Balkans. The media has been currently silent about this current situation, just as they were silent about the Islamic connections of the Egyptian and Syrian revolutions when they first began.

We are going to see Turkey capitalizing on the Jihadist sentiments of Islamists in the Balkans, using them to help restore Turkish power in the region. Russia will eventually get involved since the Russian government must control that region in order to keep Turkey in check.

Serbia and Greece are the Israel of the Balkans: as Israel balances out the Middle East and keeps the Muslim nations in check, Serbia and Greece keep the Muslims of the Balkans in control. If Turkey wants to dominate the Balkans, it is going to have to inculcate its power over Serbia and Greece; this is why Russia is so important because it will prevent this from happening.

Islamic violence will spread from Kosovo and it will spill over into Serbia, and then eventually into Macedonia, Montenegro, and then into Greece. All of this violence and chaos will stir the Eastern Orthodox nations to form a single Eastern Orthodox confederacy that will be headed by Russia.

This Christian confederacy will truly be a revival of the Christian Byzantine Empire, only this time its power will not be in Greece (as it was in ancient times) but it will be transferred into Russia. The new Christian confederacy will be here to fight against the Islamic confederacy that will be headed by Turkey.

It will truly be a holy war, a Crusade — the New Crusade — and it will lead to the establishment of Christendom, and it will be ruled by Jesus Christ.

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