Wake Up You Sleepy Heads The End Is Near Even The New York Times Is Beginning To Get It That Erdogan Is A Hitler Antichrist


By Walid Shoebat

This is no time to slumber. Instead keep watch. We said that 2016 will be an interesting year. After posting last night, while the world played with fireworks and watched Times Square nonsense awaiting a “happy new year” with the rest of the worldly, we stated that 2016 will not be a happy new year and initiated the year as we watched Erdogan proclaiming his Hitler remarks

The times that are coming are times of testing, unrest, wars, betrayals, slanders, falling away and deception. It is a time to repent for the King is coming. Make way. Make straight the paths.

After posting last night’s article Unbelievable: Erdogan Just Said That His Caliphate Will Mimmic Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and now even the New York Times awoke from its Time Square slumber had picked it up to title its article Turkey’s Erdogan, Seeking a More Powerful Presidency, Cites Hitler’s System.

Do you still doubt and not believe us for all these decades crying out in your wildreness? Even the New York Times is beginning to get it:

ISTANBUL — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, who is pushing to imbue the largely ceremonial presidency with sweeping executive powers akin to the United States or France, gave a new example of an effective presidential system on Thursday: Hitler’s Germany.

After returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Erdogan was asked by the Turkish news media whether a presidential system was possible given that the government is now organized under a prime minister.

“There are already examples in the world,” Mr. Erdogan said. “You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany.”

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Photo image of today’s New York Times headline

Now Erdogan says that “his comments about the system of governance in Hitler’s Germany had been misinterpreted and that he had not suggested it as an example of an effective presidential system.”

Truth is that his prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the same thing just a couple of days ago using the same ‘Hitler reference’ as an example:

“This system will not evolve into dictatorship but if we do not have this spirit, even the parliamentary system can turn into this (dictatorship),” he said. “There are authoritarian structures coming out of parliamentary systems. (Adolf) Hitler’s Germany was born out of a parliamentary system.”

So both Erdogan and Davutoglu said that Erdogan can be caliph while Turkey keeps its parliamentary system just like Hitler did. And now you can hear it from the horses mouth (notice at 00:32 they show Shoebat.com’s last night’s article):

This leaves no question as to Erdogan’s intent and the accuracy of his remarks. The New York Times concludes that Erdogan’s practices mimics Hitler:

A government crackdown on dissent — including a growing campaign of intimidation against the opposition news media, with a mob of his supporters attacking newspaper offices ahead of the November election — has raised concerns domestically and abroad about Turkey’s commitment to democracy.

To change the Constitution, Mr. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, which regained its parliamentary majority in November, needs support from opposition parties, who fear that such a system would consolidate too much power in Mr. Erdogan’s hands.

So let me translate this for you from a prophetic perspective that the secular New York Times will never do. Erdogan, as the New York Times says wants to “change the Constitution”. Is that not “changing set laws” (Daniel 7:25)?

After entering the Kaaba where the gates of Bab-Illah (gates of Babel) opened up widely for him welcoming this son of perdition after Erdoğan arrived in Riyadh on Tuesday, he met with Saudi King Salman and discussed deepening cooperation in Syria. This was a military alliance where Erdogan promises to protect Saudi Arabia now that the U.S. abandoned Saudi Arabia and Turkey now wants a military alliance with it to oust Russia as Saudi did with Russia in Afghanistan by aiding the Mujahideen. Syria will end up in Erdogan’s control and Russia would come back in the scene later. Erdoğan then left Riyadh for Jeddah where he met with Iyad bin Amin Madani, the secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to begin the setting up of an Islamic union of states to rally for his Ottoman Caliphate.

This is how fact things are moving. It will be like the birth pangs.

This second policy by Saudi Arabia, to create a Turkish-gulf league, is preferring Turkey over Egypt. This  in the end will backfire on Saudi Arabia. This policy was just dispatched by the new Saudi regime directed first at Egypt. King Salman planed to temper the political and financial zeal shown by the late King Abdullah towards Cairo by not allowing Egypt or Syria to return to their old Arab leadership role.

The mistake of Saudi Arabia, the harlot of Mecca is simple. When it comes to Middle East policy, it is always best to work with Arab states struggling not to get consumed like Syria and Egypt rather than work with Turkey who will only thwart ISIS in order to consume. Saudi Arabia needs Egypt and Turkey politically and militarily in its confrontation with Iran more than with its fear of ISIS. But the big mistake in Saudi calculations is that Turkey will not get busy to thwart Iran since it is busy building its Ottoman hegemony and would want to preserve its strength to face Russia.

But the problem for Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt is that Turkey and the U.S. both major powers support the Muslim Brotherhood, the archenemy of the Egyptian government specifically and it is Turkey that continues to revive it.

This is why Erdogan is planning to make a pact with the O.I.C. It is a pact with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is such a pact so important? Turkey realizes that the Muslim Brotherhood is key to influencing the Muslim world since they hold the Muslim scholarly realm who issue all the fatwas, especially on who qualifies to be Caliph. It is here where Al-Baghdadi of ISIS miscalculated. It is this that ISIS does not control which without, ISIS can never catapult itself to be ordained as grand Caliphate of the Muslim world.

Get it?

The Muslim Brotherhood is the dynamo behind the establishment of an Islamic hegemony, the dream of Erdogan’s Ottoman aspirations. Such a dream can never be accomplished throughout the Middle East without the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, Erdogan and Sisi will remain enemies as long as the Egyptian president continues to pursue the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan then goes home to Pergamum, the seat of the devil and Antichrist, to state what he wants to establish as it was established by the killer of the Jews, Adolf Hitler, a similar system to rule his dominion.

Erdogan’s sidekick, his Himler, Davotuglu is the mouthpiece of Hitler Edrogan. Back in July we wrote about him:

The new Hitler of the Muslim world, etched his ‘Mein Kampf’ in his 2001 book “Strategic Depth” (which had its 100th print run last year). In it the former professor Davutoğlu articulated a vision drawing on Turkey’s geography, economic power and imperial history to reconnect with its historical “hinterland” in the former Ottoman territories.

What Davutoğlu wants is to reverse what western powers have accomplished in Sykes Picot when western powers divided all Ottoman controlled territory. Rather than being a country relegated to the periphery of Europe and Nato, Turkey should seize on historical, geographical and cultural links with its neighbours, Mr Davutoğlu believed. Davutoğlu’s interpretation of geopolitics is based on an assumption that the spread of Western power into the Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East is incongruent with Turkish national interests and must be reversed.

That is, in 2016 and beyond, you will see Turkey work diligently in the Balkans and Central Asia as well as the Middle East.

The isolation of Egypt and Syria plays into Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman plans making Turkey the guardian of the Arab Gulf states. This is why Saudi Arabia wants to co-opt Turkey under a banner of coordinated Sunni opposition to Iran and to ISIS. This proposal carries the potential for the Saudis to rely on Turkish rather than Egyptian military as they already see the unreliable and distant backer in the United States.

Turkey’s cunningness can now be seen as to why, in the past, it did not cyber rattle with Iran. Regardless that Iran has gained momentum with its expansion for its sphere of influence, Turkey knew that sooner or later, Arabia will call for help.

What we are witnessing is the construction of a Turkish-Gulf league that arose out of Saudi fear from Iran more than its fears of Turkey’s Ottoman dreams to re-control the region.

This will leave Egyptian commander Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in further isolation mounting a convergence of interface between the Gulf and Qatar, countries on the one hand, and the convergence of the same countries, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with opposition to the Egyptian coup against the Muslim Brotherhood. This will heal the wounded head of the Muslim Brotherhood and present an amalgamation of several Sunni Islamist states.

Turkish President Erdogan had expected Saudi Arabia to take a step that will bring about changes in the Egyptian government, describing the kingdom as the most influential when it comes to the Egyptian affairs of State; especially since the January 25th Revolution of Egypt in 2011.

Soon we will see further military cooperation between Turkey and Qatar which includes military training, deployment of joint forces and joint military exercises which we will witness the signing of similar agreements with other Gulf states.

Turkey is again pushing the various competing centers of Arab authority to coalesce into a more capable military union, nearly a century after Sharif Hussein ibn Ali’s initial revolt against the Ottomans which allowed the United Kingdom and France to redraw the boundaries of Al-Mashriq Al-Arabi — the Arab lands to the east of Egypt — and create the fractious and unstable Arab states we see today. By this the Ottoman Humpty Dumpty looks much closer than ever.

Many western analysts missed the true reasons behind the recent Turkish-Gulf relations thinking that the proposed scenario that Cairo and Riyadh are clearly anxious to combat ISIS and to thwart Iran.

While this is true, to Turkey, it is using ISIS and Iran to play as a chip to advance the neo-Ottoman game.

While the ISIS threat is true, Turkey does not fear Iran as much as it desires an Ottoman hegemony which ISIS plays a crucial role that Arab fear demands calling 911: Turkey for Saudi Arabia and Iran for Iraq which Erdogan moved his military to protect the north oil rich Kurdish region of Iraq.

In the Middle East, politicians fear the religious institutions most. Announcing a Caliphate is under the authority of the Union of Muslim Scholars led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which only it represented the decision making power in the Muslim world. This is why Turkey is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood while it has its eyes on Arabia gaining not only Muslim Brotherhood blessing for its new revival of a grand Caliphate, but now the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia as well are giving the Ottomans blessings from Zamzam (Mecca’s holy water) and by allowing Erdogan entry into its holy-of-holies. 

Turkey’s goal is to eventually establish a military alliance involving Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. But such goal can never be established with the Al-Sisi’s anti Muslim Brotherhood current government.

Is it no wonder why Antichrist finally has to invade Egypt (Daniel 11).

The Gulf states realizes that despite their wealth, they are still vulnerable and continuing to depend on the United States to guarantee their security no longer appears tenable given the possibility of a broader U.S.-Iranian rapprochement.

In the end, it matters little what Muslim divides exist between Shiite vs. Sunni, Wahhabi ISIS vs.  Wahhabist Saudis, Brotherhood vs. Wahhabist. Indeed, all this matters to some extent. These will always divide. Nothing can unite the Muslim world, not even Allah and Muhammad or even their direction of prayer and pilgrim can unite them. It is not the black stone, but the burdensome stone, Jerusalem, which will unite them for a moment and will crush them in the end.

In the meanwhile, remember the good old days and say good by to peace.