The White Man Had Enough And Is Why Donald Trump Will Scoop The Votes Tonight. Like It Or Not White Preference Will Be Why Trump Will Win The 2016 Presidential Election.

A member of the audience wears a wig to mimic Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, as he greets members of the audience after speaking at a rally at Sumter Country Civic Center in Sumter, S.C., Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016.

By Walid Shoebat

No one wants to seriously address why Donald Trump is winning and why he will scoop most votes tonight on Super-Tuesday.

The very educated media, the New York Times, tells us that Trump “is strongest among Republicans who are less affluent, less educated and less likely to turn out to vote.”

If such nonsense is true, why is Trump winning so far?

These same “very educated” folks told us that Trump won’t run. He did. They told us that he will never make high ratings in the polls. He did. They told us that he would never make it past Iowa. He did. They told us that his comments on Mexicans will bring him down. It didn’t. They told us that the Evangelicals will not vote for him. They did. Now the Republican establishment are saying that they need to make sure he will never make it. We shall see. Rubio then stooped so low to say that Trump has a small penis. Fact is, all these critics proved one thing: they have a very-educated small brain and a very large ego and were DEAD WRONG!

They made Trump fall under an important American principle: White Americans will always support the underdog.

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While the media daily pump such nonsense and use sophisticated jargon, let me tell you in simple English why this is completely untrue.

Trump is banking on the pissed-off White-American votes, while Hillary and the rest of the losers are avoiding the most important voting block: the White-American.

Hillary Clinton, hoping to rally non-white voters to her side and Rubio not wanting to rattle the Muslim cage as Trump did, is a very bad strategy. Trump on the other hand is focused on the pissed-off White-Americans and the unemployed, be it foreign minority blacks and hispanics or all American white. No one can give their children a good “education” without having a good paying job.

I am an American from middle east origin. I learned long ago in business, that no middle eastern food vendor can push falafel in America to become a more popular consumption over hamburgers and hot dogs. Trump is an all American-Hamburger and the media is daily now attacking him trying to paint the American icon as a ‘racist bigot’.

It will never work! In their wildest dreams!

Do whites in America believe that they are a superior race? No.

It is actually the opposite. White Americans see their way of life going by the wayside, while other races (even the homosexuals) have no problem of acting more superior.

No one can produce a white American who would ever get so low to carry banners with “White Lives Matter”. White Americans usually carry the banner that says “All Lives Matter”.


No White American baker would ever dream of naming his business “Your White American Christian Bakery,” yet I drove daily by “Your Black Muslim Bakery” for years. If this is not racism I don’t know what else is. I endured watching this crap with five branch locations in Alameda County including a store on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland’s Temescal district, and another at Oakland International Airport. The bakery also had a location at the Oakland Coliseum.

I had thought that an ‘airport’ and a ‘coliseum’ with such racist tones must raise voices. It did not. No one objected or even cried “racism”. Imagine one bakery with “White American Christian Bakery”? The whole world will go ballistic.

Research in fact proves beyond doubt that White Americans are the least prejudice.


Racism has been misdefined by the so-called ‘very educated’ media talking heads. Racism is a superiority complex and is not how the media is defining the term. The desire for each race to cling to its own culture is not racism, its common sense. Is having white neighborhoods or black neighborhoods racist? No. For years anti-American-White racists have been pushing a narrative that says things like “2 out of 10 blacks and Hispanics felt unfairly treated by the police …” as if this is evidence of racism. On the contrary, it is the racists and the criminal-mindset who make such claims. American Police are not racists. Fact is that each neighborhood is different. I have been in Atlanta where I roamed roundabout being the only non-black and never felt safer. I love Atlanta. Would I do the same in Black-dominated Gary Indiana where it has the nation’s highest murder rate? No. I am not that stupid.


Most think that the news media controls everything. This is not true. The real media is registered in everyone’s psyche as they daily watch and see what is happening to their country. Americans these days have a mental block towards anything called media. If they want Trump to go down, the best way is to support him.

The media loves to show statistics to tell us that one-third of Trump supporters look fondly on the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, while only around one-tenth of Marco Rubio and John Kasich voters hold this view. While many have opinions about the Japanese-American internment, this was a time when the nation’s survival was in jeopardy. Not many give a darn. The same thing could happen to Muslims if things escalate in the future with global Muslim supremacy.

The media trumpets things like “Seventy percent of Trumpites oppose the decision to lower the Confederate battle flag at the South Carolina statehouse in the wake of last year’s deadly shooting in a Charleston church.” But so what. The Confederate flag is American history.

All the rumors that Trump is “inciting hatred and violence” and is “so unpredictable that the thought of him anywhere near high office is terrifying”. This propaganda will not work because most Americans know that this nation exercises  the least amount of racism than any other nation on earth while it belabors “racism” more than any other nation on earth.

The White-American folks are simply tired of listening to these discussions and they see skin pigment as Latte, dark Mocha-Latte and White Mocha Latte. They could care less, so long all the Lattes speak English and drink black-coffee instead of tea. What they really care about is when calling a company they only get “press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish”.


The real media is registered in everyone’s mind as they daily dial the phone to get an answering machine.

Donald Trump is speaking to the fears of the White-American and is why he is winning big. Americans could care less about Telemundo’s views on America and in fact the more they have such coverage the more Americans cling to Trump.

My friend Michael Savage, one of the wisest men I knew said it best “you can push the white man only so far”:

He was right.

Whether the anti-Trump crowds like it or not, they can cry “systemic racism” White-American preference will be at the heart of the 2016 presidential election, and the more they cry “racism” the more it will catapult Trump.

The White man has finally spoken, loud and clear, and I love it. Even though I myself am of middle eastern origin and my wife is hispanic, we’re sick of hearing “Allahu Akbar” and “Viva La Raza” we want to hear “Make America Great Again”.

I do not fear White-Americans. Respect them and they will respect you back. I lived with the Great American-White all my life and I love it.

Where else will I live on earth? Europe? Been there. In Europe there are a ton of middle east ghettos where none melt into the system because neither side likes the other. In England the Muslim dresses and acts no different from the Muslim in Gaza. On one trip back from Europe to the United States, I sat next to an Algerian businessman and I asked him if he feels better treated in France or in America. He said he will take the Americans anytime, “majority French are simply racist and very rude” he said. He’s right. The White-American is the least racist in the world. This is a fact and is why every race wants to move to the U.S.

Now they are pumping all the anti-Trump hatred in the media and the arguments do not make sense. Trump’s wife is Slovenian. How could he be racist? The banner below is missing one key-word “illegals”.

Anchor Husband - Trump

Trump does not want to get rid off immigrants. He wants to get rid of illegal aliens.

Trump said “I’ll get rid of “illegal” immigrants. Does anyone think that all Mexicans who came legally want to see lawlessness prevail? Mexicans want to come to America because they want law. They had enough of lawlessness, drug crimes and corrupt government. Same with the Cubans who do not want the socialism they lived under with Castro.

GOP leader Donald Trump has galvanized the disaffected white vote in early primary states, forcing his closest competitors to match his political rhetoric on issues such as immigration reform.

Now they say that his lack of denunciation of David Duke of the KKK will hurt Trump. No so. Barack Obama’s relations with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers did not hurt him one iota, so why should Trump’s lousy response about David Duke hurt him? Trump wants votes and he could care less from where he gets it.

White Americans want to pursue their dreams and Trump promises to take them back to when they could, and who better to do so than Donald Trump and the more bigoted and fear-mongering he sounds the better it rings in their ears, Trump is the long-awaited “white knight”.

The sooner everyone gets this, the better they will learn how to live in America. Like it or not would make no difference, and if you do not like it go and live in the nearest banana republic.