The New Caliphate Under Erdogan Is Burning To Death And Beheading His Own People And Reviving Muslim Sex Slavery And Pedophilia

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By Walid Shoebat

When Hitler began his exterminations, no one cared and few believed the reports.

Just this week alone, we heard from the wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praising the  harem of the Ottoman Empire as “a school for preparing women for life” to Erdogan’s mass executions and beheadings being carried out as we write; the West is silent.

Few are exposing what this NATO member is doing.

Lets start with this report. Harrowing accounts of hundreds of Kurdish civilians in the southeastern Turkish town of Cizre with reports of Turkish troops slaughtering hundreds of civilians trapped in the basements of Cizre, which is located in Turkey’s Sirnak province. Some 150 people were allegedly burned to death in one of them and hundreds slaughtered by beheading. “The victims appear to have been cold-bloodedly beheaded by the Turkish troops” one witness testified.

“Three, four – maybe five hundred people. There were old people, women and children – some as young as 10 years old. They killed a heavily pregnant woman”.

This is Turkey, not Syria. This is a NATO member, not ISIS.

Female sex slaves in Islam as Erdogan’s wife wants are commanded to live in the nude permanently to fulfill the sexual gratification of the owner and his guests. In Islam they are required to live in the nude as to be noticed apart from wives. Many westerners and even secular Muslims are clueless to the reality that Islam allows nudity so long the girl is a slave including even going to Hajj to run around the Ka’ba topless. To give an idea how things would look like after Erdogan re-institute’s the Harems here is a rare footage from a documentary done as far back as 1964 of what remained of this Ottoman practice:

The video above shows slaves in Mecca and Medina and Tunisia and Morocco from the early 1900 which included Ghilman (boys). In one the Muslim old geezer is having the nude underage sex slave pour water for his ablution (washing) which Muslims do before they pray. Today the slave business still exists in Saudi Arabia under the name of Al-Kafeel awl-Ta’aqudat.

All the while Erdogan’s wife says: “The harem was a school for members of the Ottoman dynasty and an educational establishment for preparing women for life,” Erdogan’s wife, Emine Erdogan, said at an official event on the Ottoman sultans in Ankara, according to Turkish TV stations.

Harems were sex slaves in the Ottoman Empire and now Erdogan’s wife wants to bring all this back.

The harem is an institution that was cancelled in 1923 after the fall of the Ottoman empire that ended with the foundation of the Turkish Republic. Now Erdogan’s wife is reviving the harem as the ultimate symbol of the Sultan’s power and not minding if her husband, Sultan Erdogan have orgies with sex slaves.

The ownership of women by the Sultan, mostly slaves, was a sign of wealth, power, and sexual prowess.

The institution was introduced in the Turkish society with adoption of Islam, under the influence of the Arab Caliphate, which the Turkish Ottomans emulated. To ensure the obedience of the women, many of them were bought and kept into slavery for the personal satisfaction of the Sultan.

What the Erdogans want is a revival of not only concubines and harems, but also male prostitution as well. It is a myth to think that Islam is conservative. While Turkey condemns homosexuality, this does not exclude pedophilia and cross-dressing which is not prohibited in Islam.

Dunya Al-Watan, a Middle Eastern newspaper had the strangest headline: “Men Belly Dancers At Night Clubs In Turkey To Revive Ottoman Heritage”. The article was showing how a revival of an Ottoman Empire in Turkey brought with it all the deviancies of Ottoman history including men, as the more preferred performer, for doing the Belly Dancing at weddings, parties and night clubs, instead of women.

These days, the usual Belly Dancing many were used to watching from the romantic orient where a woman entertains men smoking hookahs are no more. In Turkey Belly Dancing is provided by Muslim men for the sexual gratification of other Muslim men since the cross-dresser does not break Islamic Sharia. The article reveals:

“In spite of the growth of this phenomenon recently in Turkey, it is not entirely a recent phenomenon, men belly dancers goes back to the Ottoman era where the men were dancing in front of the sultans, rather than women who were not allowed to dance in front of the audience at the time.”

rs copy

Headline says: “Men Belly Dancers At Night Clubs In Turkey To Revive Ottoman Heritage”.

All this is a new revived Ottoman phenomenon. According to “the Monitor,” specialist on the Middle East the new Turkish administration’s policies of the Islamist Justice and Development party has had some amazing effects in the last decade, including the increasing in number and popularity of the men belly dancers in Turkey, who they call “Zen” “… In nightclubs in Istanbul, folks were surprised for the first time that all of the sudden some changes instead of the regular female dancers, there was so many men dancers who can gather crowds around them until the wee hours of the morning …”

tf1 copy, an Egyptian paper titles this news as “Men Belly Dancing Invades Night Clubs In Turkey”even conservative

Strict Muslim families in turkey do not allow women dancing and now adapted to Zen (male belly dancers). What the people want is the atmosphere which brings back the feel of an Ottoman palace.  Turkish customers and Middle Easterners are reviving man boy love.

The Muslim empire, as it turns out, is an empire of queers where the American LGBT that harbors special hatred towards Christian ethics will find itself better fit in the re-arising Muslim Ottomans. The West in its era under Christianity has not known the phenomenon we call the homosexual movement until the 20th century. During the Christian era, whenever  homosexuality was discussed, it was almost always considered an abberation imported from the Muslim orient which there it was always considered not just an acceptable practice but a norm and is why homosexuals tend to be more sympathetic towards Islam over Christianity.

While the Book of Revelation is filled with surprises, the proof that the empire of Antichrist being an empire of queers is rather simple since John gave us a hint “Their hair was like women’s hair” (Revelation 9:8)

Historically Muhammad and his companions, Khalid, Ali, Omar, Abu Bakr including all the Muslim dynasties after them … such ghosts from a dark history past were  miraculously released from the depths of the pit into your social media network and youtube all with the original mascara eyed men, red dye henna beards, long hair like women (Revelation 9:8), dress, sexual habits including all the depraved strange preferences and unimaginable brutality “… there teeth were like lion’s teeth” (Revelation 9:8).

What the western analyst fails to consider is that the Muslim world underwent a period of westernization in which the British Empire slowly rid us the sickness of Sate in India, child brides throughout the Muslim world and to somewhat set up laws which collided with Shariah but failing to completely to obliterate it. And for the LGBT apologists to argue that their agenda has nothing to do with Pedophilia, all one has to do is examine history, homosexuality has always lead to instituting pedophilia.

One honest expose argued on how Islam is the religion of sodomites was written by Muslim Saudi writer Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Jamil Kutby who laments (I translated from Arabic):

“When we come back to read some pages of our history—not the history written by the western orientalist lest we claim they are antagonistic. We find that our Arab history is full of conflict, crowded with a culture of lying and exposed by sexual and moral deviation … is it not considered wrong and shameful the spread of corruption and sexual deviation in the corridors and palaces during [Muslim] Arab rule?”

Kutby was not discussing some odd ruler or some abberrant phenomenon, no, he was discussing the highest pride of Muslim history rulers:  “Plentiful were these [deviations] written in our history books, novels and stories. For example, The Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid spent his nights with a boy named Al-Majin and the immoral poet Abu Nawas…Here are the verses that indicate sexual decadence and corruption in which Abu Nawas says ‘Adela blames my choice,
 a boy smooth as an Oryx …
leave me alone, I said,
 do not blame me, 
I am committed to what you hate 
and until death do us part
. Did not the book of Allah instruct?
 To prefer boys over girls…’”


And if one thinks what future lays for the West with its promotion of homosexuality in the military, and the defense by shameless pastors to exclude legal punishments for homosexuals, they need to look no further than the Muslim history to see the results.

We are daily puzzled how pastors attack us and defend the homosexuals and completely ignore the plight of the victims. Dr. Brown hurled insults to even say that we are an “abomination in the nostrils of God”.

Who is this god that this man serves, that calling for the “death penalty’ for child molesters is now an “anathema”?

It becomes easy then to figure out who and why so many will follow the spirit of the Antichrist.

These heretics ignore, that throughout Muslim history, Muslim sultans were very fond of handsome young slaves whom they kept close to their persons as pages, service-boys, bodyguards, special troops and as gay companions. Infatuation for such slaves was a bane of the life of Muslim royalty and nobility in particular, although they considered it to be a fashion. In fact, the whole of the Muslim armies and system was a gay tryst.

Almost all of the Muslim caliphates beginning with the Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid, Córdoba Spain, Fatimid all the way down to the Ottomans, from the highest leaders to the lowest of low they indulged in ghilman (boy love). For our extended research read Islam, a religion of Homosexuality And Pedophilia.

And then we have pastors decrying the Crusaders and the valiant Spanish Catholics who threw Islam out becoming apologists for this Antichrist system.

Muslims frequently say that we, the critics of Islam “know nothing about Islam”. They relentlessly exhaust us with this statement that “ISIS terrorists do not understand true Islam.”

And now we see it reviving in Turkey, the central headquarters of what once was the Caliphate.

I finally capitulate. They are correct. I humbly yield, they won this debate. The truth is that no one truly understands true Islam or how we must love the homosexuals as these pastors want us to do by focusing on a single verse while ignoring everything else. Neither Muslim scholars nor Muslims in general, neither these pastors or even the deviants themselves understand these things. Even the best secular critics don’t understand what is happening these days. The only way to fully understand Islam and the blind love for deviants, is to be the devil himself. I concluded that both the ignorant and the promoter of false compassion are of the devil and nothing more. I’d rather see a good shepherd from the nation of Georgia singing with his flock than to listen to drumbeats from a Latte sipping church in Georgia USA.

America is clueless as to what will be coming through the pipeline when it comes to Islam and the fallen church. When we first reported that Islam permits cannibalism and literally human sacrifice, they dismissed us until incidents revealed such reality. Just imagine when Islam completely encompasses the whole of the Muslim world and when these false shepherds take control of society arm twisting the truth tellers, what will the world be like: holocausts, debauchery, child molestation, cannibalism … the apocalypse.