Calling Muslims “Scum” Is Now A Criminal Offense. One Major Activist Was Just Found “Guilty”. Freedom Of Speech Is Now BANNED In Germany While Muslim Immigrants Are WELCOMED

By Walid Shoebat
I must have been hit with amnesia and I am beginning to believe conspiracy theories that Angela Merkel of Germany is indeed Hitler’s daughter. Why am I saying this? Imagine getting on a blog and you are angry at a terrorist attack and you call Muslims “scum”. As an American nothing will happen to you.
But this is no longer the case in Germany. A court in the eastern German city of Dresden has found Lutz Bachmann, founder of the anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement, guilty of xenophobia and inciting hatred towards Muslim refugees.
So what was so wrong as what this activist did? In a series of FB posts he branded the Muslim migrants into Germany as “cattle” and “scum.”

Now imagine the court in session after you posted the words “cattle” and “scum” and here you are with your lawyer trying to find an alibi arguing back and forth with the district attorney and judge while trying to convince a jury of your peers that you are innocent of using the word “scum”.

This is exactly what Bachmann had to endure.

Bachmann’s lawyer, Katja Reichel, tried to find an alibi that his client was absent at the scene of the crime on Facebook where he called Muslim migrants “scum”. He claimed that the posts in question, which appeared on PEGIDA’s official Facebook page in October 2014, were not, in fact, authored by Bachmann, but rather had been added by an intruder, an unidentified perpetrator who hacked into her client’s account and posted the article using the word “scum”.

You would think that this case would be thrown out of court. The defense also argued for acquittal on the basis of freedom of speech.

Judge Hans-Joachim Hlavka and Bachmann handcuffed standing by his attorney

However, presiding Judge Hans-Joachim Hlavka dismissed Bachmann’s claims of false authorship, arguing that as “the chat wasn’t subsequently altered. I exclude manipulation,” Mopo24 reported. Hlavka stressed that the freedom of speech clause cannot be invoked in this case, as Bachmann’s statements are of “inciting character” and constitute a criminal offense.

“This is inacceptable. This has an inciting character. Human dignity has been violated,” he stressed, adding that Bachmann could face real time behind bars in the case of a repeat offense calling Muslim migrants “scum”.

Now imagine you were betrayed and your friend snitched on you for calling Muslims “scum”.

This too happened in this case as the snitch brought in screenshots of Bachmann’s FB comments were published in January of 2015 by a former FB friend, Susanne K., to prove that he had lied in an interview in which he denied being xenophobic.

Susanne K confirmed that she had put up the derogatory comments Bachmann had made under articles she had published in October of 2014, which served as one of the key supporting pieces of evidence in proving the incitement case of xenophobia for calling Muslim migrants “scum”.

Bachmann was tried for breaching section 130 of the German criminal code and found guilty of xenophobia which imposes a prison sentence from three month to five years on those inciting hatred “against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins.” Although the prosecution demanded a 7-month jail term for Bachmann, the court opted for a milder sentence, ordering him to pay a fine of €9,600 ($11,044), which is the equivalent of €80 per day for 120 days.


The EU through Merkel is currently working towards granting visa-free travel for millions of Turkish scum. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to pull the plug on the migrant deal if the EU does not grant Turkey visa-free travel into Europe.

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