Erdogan Fires Davutoglu And Gains Tremendous Influence Over Europe And The Muslim World. Isn’t It Time To Announce Who Is The Best Candidate For Being The ANTICHRIST


By Walid Shoebat

“Fierce King,” “a Master of Intrigue,” Daniel 8:23 tells us of the Antichrist. And so “by intrigue,” Erdogan got to power. “By intrigue,” he got rid of Gulen and now “by intrigue” he just got rid of Davutoglu:

“In pursuit of more power, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has purged the judiciary of enemies, jailed journalists and crushed anti-government protests. Now, he has ousted his closest political ally, the country’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, whose modest effort to check Mr. Erdogan’s ambition was too much for the president. Mr. Davutoglu, publicly loyal to Mr. Erdogan even as he pushed back privately on some of his excesses, said Thursday that he would step aside as the leader of the Islamist Justice and Development Party, or A.K.P., and give up his position as prime minister.” (The New York Times)

Now Europeans and Americans are voicing various concerns, describing the great influence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and what he has done in Europe.

Fears come especially with the refugee issue enabling Erdogan to force EU leaders to sign an unfair agreement, even the right to their own countries.

When it comes to the issue of the Antichrist, Christians divide in two-camps: one camp says he is European while the other says he is Muslim.

But perhaps its both. That is Turkey might enter Europe and flood it with Muslims. Who then can argue that our suggestion is wrong?

The biggest criticism was directed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, who are accused by many politicians to sacrifice the rights of the citizens of Europe against the interests of Erdogan.

The EU had announced in 1999 that Turkey became a candidate country for accession to the EU. We argued and argued whether Turkey will join the European Union or not. Turkey worked hard to achieve the criteria for membership. Whether Turkey joins or not was the question which determined everything. But perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, Europe will fracture due to one man: Erdogan.

No one today can argue that Erdogan was the man who caused tremors in Europe. And besides his earthquakes, we speak of a flood spewing out of the mouth of a dragon which John gives him a specific color, the color of the Turkish flag: red.

Turkey has the “two crescent horns” and is red, while John in Revelation reveals it is “red” it has “two horns” and also a crescent “moon”. The “dragon” John tells us “spews a flood” which is obviously a flood of people sending them chasing after the woman. Erdogan last year and this year floods Europe, the center from where which Christianity stemmed. All one has to do is to look at the daily headlines to see how accurate prophecy is.

flood copy

For decades we thought that the world’s greatest threat was the “flooding of oil” or the “cutting off of the flood of oil”. This of course stemmed from Saudi Arabia.

But who ever dreamt that this “flood” was a flood of thugs and by the millions who are strictly coming out of Turkey and exactly as John prophesied in Revelation 12. John was so accurate he even described the very symbol of Turkey, the moon which the Church will finally conquer.

Indeed, there is so much hidden meaning behind these prophecies which each word piles tremendous outcome. In these coming days, we all must heed the wisdom of Daniel and John and Isaiah.

Europe counters with feeble attempt demanding Turkey comply for its entry in the EU. The conditions of accession for Turkey, Europe insists, is for Erdogan’s government to first achieve “stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities.”

Erdogan mocks.

The formal negotiations to join began in 2005. However, with the presence of the Islamic “Justice and Development” Party and its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in power, he turned against the democratic process drastically and stopped the process of liberalization of the country.

Erdogan snubbed Europe and Turkey instead became a state where “reporters had no borders” and “the biggest prison for journalists in the world.”


If we follow Erdogan’s behavior in the past 14 years, we will find that who is behind it all is an Islamist, a very patient man with a semi-democracy. Erdogan follows the Quran “wa-sbiru wa-sabiru wa-rabitu” which in English means “Have patience and enjoin each other to patience while you stand steadfast at the borders.” The west, when it focuses on Islam they either look at “the sword” or “peace” failing to see how many times the Quran speaks of “patience” while remaining “steadfast”. This is the word “rabitu“. They learn the words “Jihad” but fail to learn the meaning of “rabitu” (remain steadfast at the borders). They fail to access these dictionaries  that tells us “rabitu: to remain stationed at the borders preparing for Jihad. (Quran, Al-Imran verse 200)”


Erdogan said that Turkey will remain patient, that democracy is “to board the bus, which will deliver us when it reaches its destination and then get out”. In other words, the Turkish leader will use the democratic system in the country to patiently gain access to power, then tightened his grip on the pillars of power, right down to a one-man rule.

And these days, we await few weeks and perhaps few days to see Turkey announce Erdogan is the sole ruler. He is not only the ruler of Turkey, but of the OIC and the newly arising Muslim United Nations which Erdogan promises to establish. Erdogan by this is not only controlling Europe when it comes to allowing his flood, but Turkey, the second most powerful army in the world and will soon rule the rest of the Muslim world.

Only the blind can’t see, this man, if indeed he is the Antichrist, he is the best candidate.

But President Erdogan is not only strengthening his power at home over his suppression of dissents, he is  now controlling Europe through the prosecution of his critics. The latest lawsuit against the German comedian Jan Buherman is a case in point and all because of a satirical poem critical of Erdogan’s record on human rights. This shows that Erdogan easily re-activated laws in Europe for his own interest.

Observers say of the German affair between Merkel and Erdogan and the attempt to sue Buherman will fail. Perhaps. But there is also evidence of the growing influence of the Turkish leader in Germany itself. This is especially true if we take into account that Chancellor Angela Merkel betrayed her own people for the sake of the Turkish leader. And here, I will throw in the most ironic argument; Merkel refused to defend a German citizen on the most important core issue, the freedom of expression, the very issue which the EU demanded Erdogan to follow in order to enter the gates of Vienna.

Whats next? Europeans must wear the red fez with the mark of the crescent on their forehead?


It is not only Germany that is at risk, but the entire continent, if and when the Shengin visa issue passes where all Turks can flood all of Europe. What’s next after that? Erdogan will give passports to millions of Muslims globally to also enter Europe?

So who in the right mind will believe what Germany are telling us? They tell us that she did this in exchange for political benefits that she might gain from Turkey which makes zero sense unless, Merkel wants to reshape the continent of Europe believing in co-mingling races and religion.

But isn’t this what Daniel spoke of? Why aren’t Christians paying close attention to the wisest of prophets?

Daniel 2:43 said the Antichrist will attempt to combine with others through intermarriage: “they shall be mingled indeed together with the seed of man, but they shall not stick fast one to another, as iron cannot be mixed with clay.

Muslim does not mix with European.

Erdogan is aware that Turkey needs to become a major power in the Near East in order to gain sufficient influence with his country over Europe. This explains the fierce attempts by Ankara’s government to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad extending its influence to the region even more.

However, this grand geopolitical ambition, outside the Turkish national borders, has become a cause for concern, especially as the Turkish leader began acting as governor overbearing his arrogant influence at the EU’s borders. It is clear that President Erdogan resorted to a combination of intimidation, threats and blackmail in order to reach an agreement with the European Union concerning the refugee crisis. All this while he adheres to Islam’s “rabitu” (staying patiently steadfast at the borders) while awaiting patiently to push further the borders of the enemies as the Quran demanded.

In the beginning, Turkey has allowed the flow of refugees to Europe so it totally immersed illegal immigrants, and the European Union called for a financial amount of up to $ 6.6 billion for the closure of its borders. We can now say that the Turkish leader succeeded in reaching the desired objective.

But the Turkish leader did not stop at this point. He laid a condition: accelerating the negotiations of Turkey to EU accession. The recent European reports reveal that the European Commission is going to allow Turkish citizens travel and movement in the Schengen area in the European Union.

Whoever dreamt, even months ago, that Erdogan could succeed to have 75 million Muslims given the right to move within 26 European countries and without a visa? And then we doubt that this man “spewed a flood” and by “intrigue deceived many”!?

Can anyone on earth name a single leader who has done anything like this?

The agreement stipulates the need for Turkey to meet the requirement by May 27. This is only a few weeks from now to get the right to cancel or accept the entry for movement between European countries. Diplomats said that Turkey has not implemented half of these conditions yet.

But Erdogan does not seem to care about such conditions. Erdogan stressed that “the EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU”. He threatened to open the country’s borders with Greece again, and dumping Europe with more refugees and migrant thugs who will rape and pillage Europe.


Erdogan plays the world, both east and west, like a fiddle. When allegations of corruption surfaced in his inner circles over two years ago, he was quick to ban social networking sites like YouTube and Twitter quickly. He then appointed members of his own party to do the inquiry that followed and then refused any investigations saying that it is an “attempted coup” by people serving as “foreign powers”. Any opposition will soon face legal action since even the laws are changing that if you oppose his government you qualify as “terrorist”.

Isn’t it written that Antichrist changes set times and set laws? How long will it be until we write the headlines “Erdogan Changed The Calendar Of Turkey To Use Muslim Hijrah Dating System Banning The Use Of Anno-Domini”? What I can guarantee 100% is that this too will become a headline news.

And dare anybody object. Each time an interrogation of Erdogan arises by the stakeholders in the application of the law in Turkey, Erdogan responds to the accusations with hysterical attacks.

But what about the membership of the European Union? Erdogan doesn’t care. He knows that the European Union will soon fracture where he will join the remnants who want to keep it: Germany and the northern European protestant states.

He will repeat what the sultans Selim and the others did before him; bank on the splinters who are like him, globalists. This is why Erdogan is not worried that tyranny has dropped his eligibility to join the European Union.

What will happen soon in Europe will be mind-shattering. But people are like lemmings and will get used to whatever suicidal conditions they are forced to live under.

Erdogan does not seem to fear criticism, when the European Parliament denounced the report, which was released a few days ago on Ankara’s human rights record, the Turkish president responded saying that these reports are simply “provocative” and “worthless”. This, if anything, it shows the inability of the governments of the European Union, especially Germany, to deal firmly with Turkey’s authoritarian policies at home and abroad. We need to understand that perhaps Germany has a different agenda, to integrate Turkey and Europe as a superpower rivaling Russia and the U.S.

The European Union before Turkey’s abominable treatment towards the Kurds even ignored the illegal occupation of northern Cyprus. They ignored the application for accession to the European Union standards. Instead, they opened the doors of the Union in front of 75 million Turkish Muslim potential flood of migrants.

And all this is done under the guise that Germany is attempting to avoid more refugees?

How does that make any sense.

Christians need to smell the smoke coming out of the Turksih shish-kabobs, lest they end up Khazouked and shish-kabobed themselves.

Can anyone now doubt that the sick man of Europe re-arose and now it is the European Union that acting like the sick man of Europe?

Can anyone doubt that the wounds of the Ottoman Empire is healed?

When it comes to prophecy, the lemmings are the ones who do not heed God’s advise, but are always revisiting His wisdom, but only after it is too late. They doubt that a Muslim can play them like a fiddle and make them dance to the Kaval.