Archive | November 5, 2016

Muslim Pedophile Predator Caught Live On Camera Snatching Three-Year-Old Girl In Supermarket At Random When Her Mother Isn’t Looking And Running Off With Her

  Muslim Pedophile Predator caught live on tape Islam and sexual abuse are like peanut butter and jelly in the supermarket- where one is located you will find the other. They are also the worst kind of child predators, attacking and raping random children for no reason than they wanted instant sex. In the UK, […]

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Muslims Destroy Christian Church And Turn It Into Terrorist Training Camp, Take A Statue Of Jesus And Cut Its Head Off

So much for all that talk about how ‘Muslims love Jesus just like Mohammed’. You don’t’ show your love for Jesus (or anybody) by vandalizing his house: ISIS militants fleeing back towards Mosul have deliberately desecrated churches and decimated Christian villages in the nearby city of Qaraqosh, the oldest and what used to be the […]

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