Archive | November 17, 2016

Muslim Invaders Declare To Christian Translator ‘We Hate Christians And Will Take Over And Destroy You All By Outbreeding You’

  A translator who has worked with Muslim for years has exposed a secret that many have confessed to her- the Muslims intend to take over Europe and destroy Christianity in Europe by invading in mass numbers and out-reproducing the European people: After working in migrant centres Germany for several years, the translator claims a […]

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“I’m killing them, LOL” — The Text Of A Woman In Pennsylvania Who Suffocated Her Son To Death And Tried To Murder Her Own Daughter. She Even Sent A Video Of The Dead Child To Her Husband

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in Pennsylvania suffocated her own son to death and tried to murder her own daughter. She sent a text in the midst of all of this to her husband — who is also the boy’s and girl’s father — saying: ‘I’m killing them’ with a laughing emoji with tears running down […]

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Woman In Indiana Murders Her Own Two Children, And Feels Absolutely No Remorse About It

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in Indiana murdered her own two children, and doesn’t feel any remorse at all about it.  Here is the report: A small Indiana town is in disbelief after the revelation that a lifelong resident killed her two children and stabbed herself early Thursday. During a news conference, Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel […]

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Man In Texas Stabs Sixteen Year Old Girl Fifty Times

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Texas stabbed a 16 year old girl to death, as we read in one report: A Southeast Texas man accused of murdering his girlfriend in a Baytown triple slaying told detectives he killed “not the real Kirsten but the fake Kirsten,” according to court documents filed in Galveston County. […]

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Married UK Woman Gets Gang Raped In Dubai And She Reports It To Police, They Arrest Her And She May Face The Death Penalty For Adultery

In a normal society, if you are raped then the police find the rapist, arrest him, and he goes on trial. Not so in the Muslim world. As we have documented before, if a woman is raped in a Muslim country often she is arrested and put on trial for adultery and in this case […]

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Major Intelligence Chief For Germany Makes This Warning: ‘Nazis In Germany Are Working With Nazis In America To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks.’

By Theodore Shoebat The chief for German intelligence has now warned that there are German neo-Nazis networking with Americans neo-Nazis, planning to carry out terrorist attacks. All of this is a sign of ultra-nationalism, the rise of populism and racialism, and is also a result of the elitist measure to bring in millions of refugees. […]

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