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In light of Christmas approaching us, it is only right for all Christians, regardless of denomination, to reflect on this prayer and hymn that the Blessed Mother of our Lord, the Virgin Mary, gave when the news was announced by the angel Gabriel, that she would give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ, God in […]

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Muslims Accuse Illiterate Christian Couple Of Desecrating A Koran, They Take The Christians And Beat Them, Then They Pour Kerosine On Them And Put Them In A Brick Oven And Cook Them Alive

The Muslims who did this were just convicted and sentenced to death for their crimes. However, it came at the lives of two poor, illiterate Christians accused of desecrating a Koran on a rumor. In nothing less than an act of hatred, a mob of Muslims took the Christians and cooked them alive in a […]

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Wake Up And Learn About: The Secret pro-Muslim Agent Who Was Behind Bringing In Anti-Christ Turkey Into The West To Revive Islam’s Antichrist Religion And To Destroy Europe From Within

A herd mentality are the fools who fail to read between the lines. (Walid Shoebat) Unless you want to fall for an Antichrist spirit, here, enter a story that will spin your mind on how deception really, really, works. In Great Britain, it was the populous movement that was all excited about Brexit, yet few understand the secret […]

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Muslim Terrorist Who Kidnapped And Murdered HUNDREDS Of Small Children Tells Newspaper ‘I Have No Regrets For What I Did’

Some people repent of their crimes. Others not so much. Such is the case regarding Nurpashi Kulayev, a Muslim terrorist who assisted in kidnapping and murdering hundreds of children in the 2004 terrorist attack at an elementary school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia. Speaking from his prison cell, he said that he doesn’t regret what […]

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Muslims Take Christian Man And Tell Him: ‘If You Love Jesus So Much, Then You Will Die Like Him.’ They Torture Him For Five Hours, Crucify Him, Cut His Stomach Open And Leave Him To Die, And Force His Wife And Children To Watch

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists took a Christian man, telling him that if he loved Jesus so much, that he would die like Him. They tortured him for five hours, crucifying him, tearing his stomach open and leaving him to die. They even forced his wife and children to watch. Here is the story: A Christian […]

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ISIS Takes Christians And Tortures Them In Horrible Ways- Hangs Them Upside Down For Days, Pours Salt Into Bleeding Wounds, Sold As Sex Slaves, Dismembered Piece-By-Piece And Crucified

More horrible tales of torture continue to flow from the remaining Christians who survived the ISIS reign of terror that fell over Iraq and Syria the past several years. Christians, many of the survivors of ISIS torture, tell of being beaten and hung by ropes for days, having salt rubbed into open wounds, of being […]

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