Archive | November 16, 2016

Muslims Force Hundreds Of Christians To Drink Filthy Sewage-Contaminated Water And Get Sick In Revenge For Christians Nominating Christian Politician In Local Election

This is the water the Muslims are making them drink Christians recently nominated their own political candidate for local elections in the Pakistani village of Jhang. They said it was because there were a lot of them in the area and they needed representation among the Muslims. In revenge, the Muslims have allowed and encouraged […]

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The New Mutant Christians Are Arising And Are Being Produced By The Millions, All “MADE IN THE USA” And They Reject “Making America Great Again”

By Walid Shoebat You can’t carry a Crucifix upside down, twist theology inside out, then expect God to “make America great again”. It is not “We will make America Great Again,” it is “God Will Make America Great Again”. It is “In God We Trust” and not “In Us We Trust”. To make America Great […]

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The Effective Campaign Of The Left To Manipulate The Masses EXPOSED!

Whereas at one point I was intensely in tune with politics in the USA, I have over the years become less so since making Aliyah (moving) to Israel. However, the shock that echoed through social media upon President-elect Trump’s election was impossible to ignore.  Among folks that are more vocal in my social media stream, the […]

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Muslim Man In Italy Pulls His Pants Down And Starts Washing His Buttocks With His Bare Hands In A Public Water Fountain

This video was said to have been taken recently in Italy and speaks volumes to the situation of Islam in Europe. As I wrote earlier, the President of the Czech Republic said they would never allow Muslims in because they do not integrate and have come to destroy and conquer as they are doing in […]

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