Archive | November 27, 2016

Be Prepared. The World Will Soon Endure The Fire Of Persecution, The Fire Of Destruction And The Fire That Refines The Christians To Endure The Difficult Times Ahead

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The title of my article will not attract the many, but will be food for the soul of the few. After Donald Trump got elected, Christians are as calm as the millpond. Throw a pebble and you will get tidal waves. Trump will refine our economic woes, yes, but who will refine our moral and our […]

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The EU Is Falling, NATO Is Close To Being Diminished, American Influence Is Going To Decline, Ultra-Nationalism And Nazism Is Going To Rise, And World War Three Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat The EU is falling, it looks like NATO is going to be weakened heavily, and thus the preeminence of American influence appears to be neigh. With this, comes the rise of ultra-nationalism and Nazism, and therefore, the coming of world war three. I did a whole video on this:   CHRISTIANS ARE […]

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