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The One Who Dominates The Internet, Dominates The Elections, And Dominates The World

By Theodore Shoebat The one who dominates the internet, dominates the elections. In today’s video I talk about the power of the internet in determining the election, and how the internet is being used in the toppling of the EU. In connection with this, I talk about how the rise of populism is also leading […]

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Muslim Man Sexually Abuses, Blackmails British Girl For Months And Films It, He Gets Arrested And His Punishment Is In A Year In A ‘Youth Detention Center’ And A $30 Fine

If this was a native Englishman, he would be veritably in jail for life without the possibility of release. But because the perpetrator was a Muslim man, all he gets for his blackmail was a taxpayer-funded vacation-plus-education in a government facility and a “fine” that is less than the cost of a cheap vacuum cleaner […]

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Muslims Riot And Burn Down Their Own “Asylum Center” Because They Were Mad The Staff Ran Out Of Nutella At The Food Buffet

The man who did it was finally arrested, and as it was revealed he started the fires as a protest over the shelter running out of Nutella at the food buffet during Ramadan: It was at noon on the 7th of June, when suddenly a hundred meters high smoke column over Dusseldorf had to be […]

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Muslim Terrorists Make Vicious Attack And Slaughter Thirty Four Christians And Burn Down Over One Hundred Of Their Homes

By  Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Nigeria made a vicious attack on Christians recently, slaughtering thirty four Christians and burning down over one hundred of their homes. According to one report on this very sad story:   More than 34 people in predominantly Christian villages in Kauru in the Nigerian state of Kaduna were killed […]

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Germany Hates The Christian Slavic Peoples Of Eastern Europe And Is Going To Try To Wipe Them Out AGAIN In Her Thirst For Empire

Germany has historically looked down upon the Slavic races as inferior peoples they feel they have a right to control and dominate. Beginning in the years before they became Christians, Slavic people were often captured and sold into the slave markets of the Mediterranean and North Africa, even to Moslems. When the Slavs converted to […]

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Mike Pence Is Absolutely Evil, He Hates Christians And Supports Muslims Who Butcher Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Mike Pence is absolutely evil, he hates Christians and supports Muslims who actually murder Christians. He supports the Muslim Turks and refuses to have America recognize the Islamic Armenian Genocide done by the Ottoman Empire. I did a whole video on this: Here is an excerpt from my father’s article on this […]

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