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Wikileaks And Courts Reveal: The Obama-Hillary Administration Was Running A United States Islamic Caliphate And Not A United States Of America

By Walid Shoebat Was the Obama-Hillary administration running a United Caliphate or an American United States? Only 56 of the 11,000 Syrian refugees brought into the U.S. this year are Christians. This sparked the American Center for Law and Justice to demand the Obama administration provide documentation showing what it’s doing to help Christians suffering persecution. And snooping into […]

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Muslim Man Comes To The Realization That Islam Is A Lie, He Accepts Jesus Christ And Becomes A Christian, His Father Tries To Murder Him And He Then Flees To Germany, Muslims In Germany Tell Him: ‘You Christians Have To Die

By Theodore Shoebat A Kurdish Muslim rejected Islam and became a Christian, and upon this his father tried to murder him. He fled to Germany where Muslims have been telling him: ‘You Christians have to die.’ Here is the report: A Kurdish church leader has shared how his elderly father tried to kill him after […]

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Atheist Communists Attack Christian Pastor, They Begin Beating Him And Then Slicing His Body, One Of The Atheists Takes Out An Axe And Slices His Neck Open. They Leave A Note On His Body That Says: ‘We Will Murder Ten More Christians.’ They Take Another Christian Man And Tell Him To Reject Christ Or Die, He Tells Them: ‘Go ahead, I Will Go To Heaven Even If You Kill Me’

By Theodore Shoebat   Atheist communists attacked and murdered a Christian pastor in India. At first they began beating him, then stabbing him, and then one of them sliced his neck with an axe. They left a note on his body that read that they will be murdering ten more people, six of whom are […]

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Muslims Take Machetes And Savagely Attack Group Of 27 Christians Giving Away Food To The Poor And Needy While Screaming In Arabic “We Are Fighting For The Cause Of Allah”, Burn Down The Home Of Christian Man Who Helped Two Teenage Converts To Christianity And Say ‘We Are Not Finished With You Yet’

The Muslims were angry that the Christians were giving food to the poor and many people were leaving Islam because of it. Instead of helping those same people themselves, a group of Muslims decided to wage jihad by taking machetes and trying to hack them to death while screaming “we are fighting for the cause […]

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Donald Trump Is Most Likely Going To Be The President Of The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump is most likely going to be the winner. You can reference the polls all you want, the polls do not mean anything. In 1936, the Literary Digest asked ten million people if they were going to vote for either Landon or Roosevelt. 2.4 million people responded to the poll, with […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap And Rape Christian Teen Girls In Nigeria, Government Soldiers Come Rescue Them And Then They Turn Around And Rape Them Too

Boko Haram has been waging a long and bloody war against the Christians of Nigeria. These Christian girls had already been kidnapped, raped and beaten, and some were even forced to marry their rapists. Yet when soldiers from the government came to rescue them, they did the exact same things to them that the Muslims did: […]

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British Girl ‘Murdered And Chopped Up At Kebab Restaurant’ And Served To Customers By Muslims Case Reopened By Police, Suspect Sex Trafficking Gang Was Involved

Charlene Downes was a teenager who lived in Blackpool, a heavily Muslim area and a hotbed of Muslim sex trafficking and exploitation of European girls. One saturday she disappeared and her body was never found. Two Muslims were arrested and at trial heard they murdered her in the Kebab restaurant where they worked, ground up […]

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