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Czech President Declares During Interview ‘Muslims Will Never Integrate And We In The East Will Never Accept Them- They Are Part Of A Muslim Brotherhood Plot To Invade And Take Over Europe’

Czech President Milos Zeman, who we have covered before for his hard hitting criticism of Islam, recently declared that Western Europe was wrong for allowing millions of Muslim immigrants in and that Eastern Europe will never allow it. In his words, Muslims will never integrate because they don’t want to, and they are part of […]

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Philippine President Declares To Muslim Terrorists ‘Your Human Rights Are Bullsh_t, I Will Strip You Of Your Rights And Slaughter You All’

The Philippines are a majority Catholic country, but the southernmost island of Mindanao has a large Muslim population, and for decades have been executing vicious terrorist attacks against the Filipino people. After years of violence, recent Philippine president elect Rodrigo Duterte has put his foot down. Calling human rights “bullsh*t” and saying that terrorist think […]

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Steve Bannon Is Absolutely Evil, He Is Working On Creating A Social-Darwinist, Nazi, Homosexual And Anti-Christian World

By Theodore Shoebat Seve Bannon is absolutely evil, he is working on creating a social-Darwinist, Nazi, homosexual and anti-Christian world. I did a whole video on this: CLICK HERE TO GET OUR 2-DISK DVD SERIES ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY AND CHRISTIAN WARFARE AND JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY!  PERSECUTION IS COMING, AND EVENTUALLY SHOEBAT.COM IS GOING TO […]

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Muslims Take A Man, Shoot Him Dead And Put His Corpse In Front Of A Christian Family, And Tell Them: ‘Convert To Islam, Or You Will Die Like This Man.’

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists murdered a Shiite man and put his corpse in front of a Christian family, and then told the Christians that they would die like this man unless they converted to Islam. Here is the report: As the coalition pushes further into Mosul, stories have emerged from Iraqi Christians about how […]

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Muslim Serial Rapist Walks Up To Teen Christian Girl And Asks ‘Are You A Virgin’ Before Grabbing And Raping Her At Salvation Army Camp While She Screams For Help, She Tells The Staff And They Tell Her ‘We Are Sorry We Don’t Want To Send Him Away’

There is never an excuse for Muslim violence. What makes this case so horrible was that the staff who defended the girl’s Muslim rapist were members of the Salvation Army. Yes, fellow “Christians” actually condoned and protected a Muslim criminal in the name of ‘tolerance’: Mohammed, who is from Iraq, and claims to be 17 […]

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