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Thirty Police Officers In China Surround Christian Church And Declare This Message: ‘You Must Stop Worshipping Christ’

By Theodore Shoebat Thirty police officers in China surrounded a Christian church and demanded that the congregation cease worshipping Christ. According to one report: Chinese authorities surrounded a house church in Beijing before raiding the building and ordering congregants to stop meeting – or face legal action. According to China Aid, an international non-profit Christian […]

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Muslims Take Three Christians And Tell Them To Convert To Islam, They Refuse And The Muslims Execute Them, They Take A Christian Pastor And Behead Him, Fifteen More Christians Are Beheaded And Shot For Worshipping Christ

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report has come out giving horrific details of the Christian persecution being done by ISIS in Syria. Within the report is a recounting of how three Christian were killed after refusing to convert to Islam, how a priest was also beheaded, and how ten Assyrian Christians were shot or beheaded […]

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Major Muslim Leader Declares In Canada- ‘Donald Trump Cannot Stop The Muslims- If He Is Elected We Will Rise Up And Start A Civil War’

Hazrat Mirza Ahmed, a major spiritual leader for the Muslim Ahmadi movement stated what Muslims have wanted and what many other have been warning about- a Muslim rebellion. Donald Trump doesn’t really matter to them- it is just an excuse. They have already been waging “soft” war through the legal and educational system. Now as […]

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College Frat Boy Body Builder Gets High On ‘Bath Salts,’ Stabs Middle Aged Couple To Death And Chews Their Faces Off While Fighting Off Police With ‘Superhuman’ Strength, Screams ‘****ing Kill Me Now!’

It’s not superhuman strength- its demons: “What did you eat?” a sergeant asked. “Humans,” Harrouff replied. Harrouff, 19, faces two counts of second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and burglary of a dwelling after sheriff’s investigators said he stabbed John Stevens III, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, to death Aug. 15 at their home on Southeast […]

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‘We Were Trying To Kill Christian Workers’ Muslim Terrorists Attack Guest House With Grenades And Murder 12 People

Muslim Terrorists From Al-Shabaab in Kenya attacked a guest house with grenades, and then boasted afterwards the only reason they did it was to try and ‘kill Christian workers’: An extremist attack targeting non-Muslims along Kenya’s northeast border with Somalia on Tuesday has killed 12 people, according to a Kenyan official. Militants belonging to the […]

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