Archive | November 2, 2016

Two Police Officers In Iowa Ambushed And Slaughtered By Satan Worshipper

By Theodore Shoebat Two police officers in Iowa were ambushed and slaughtered by an evil and demonic Satan worshipper.   According to one report: Two police officers in Des Moines, Iowa, were killed in ambush-style attacks early Wednesday morning 20 minutes apart. While the suspect’s motives are still unknown, the officers were both shot while sitting […]

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Secret Emails From Hillary Clinton Reveal: There Is A Very Powerful Circle Of People Ruling Over Hillary Who Hate Christians And Who Are Now Executing A Plan To Annihilate Christians And Advance Islam

By Walid Shoebat (share and send to every American voter, a must read) Reading through Hillary and her ‘gang’ leaked emails, gives us a picture as to how America’s foreign policy was run, a policy that nearly wiped out Christians from the Middle East. Looking through Hillary’s email shows a gang bent on destroying the Middle […]

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ISIS Takes Three Prisoners, Stabs The First One Repeatedly In The Neck, Slits The Second One’s Throat And Then Blows Up The Third One With A Tank On Camera

ISIS has just released a new video with brutal executions of three men. The first one is stabbed to death in the neck repeatedly before being beheaded. The second man has his throat slit on camera. The third one is the cruelest, since ISIS takes an artillery gun on a tank, points it at the […]

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“A Society Which Cannot Defend Its Own Children Has No Future”- President Vladimir Putin Shreds European Elites In Speech For Allowing Muslims To Invade Through Immigration

Russian President Vladimir Putin ripped European Union officials allowing Muslims to invade through immigration laws. Saying the harshest words yet from any European leader and citing the story which we have been following about how a Muslim raped a little boy because he had a “sexual emergency” and then how the courts released him because […]

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Eight Muslim Suicide Bombers With A Truck Full Of Explosives Try To Barge Through Military Checkpoint, One Of Them Accidentally Sets Off His Vest And Blows Up All Of Them

Wearing bombs is always a bad idea. Muslim terrorists, even suicide bombers consistently forget this, and many times they end up blowing themselves up instead of their targets, such as in this recent incident: Eight members of the Boko Haram sect on a mission to kill have been killed by their own bomb at a […]

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