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America Is An Ass Kissing Nation. Donald Trump Just Went Back On His Word And Will Not Be Working To Put Hillary Clinton In Prison. Instead This Nation Will Join Antichrist And Persecute The Saints

By Walid Shoebat Will the ass-kissing now end now that President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue further investigations into Hillary Clinton? Former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani said, “He made the choice to unite the nation”: “Look, there’s tradition in American politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. If that’s […]

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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Declares To Illegal Muslim Invaders ‘Get Out Of Hungary And Don’t Come Back – If You Cannot Leave We Will Assist You’

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban put his foot down against the Muslim invasion of Hungary, where he declared to them that the invaders need to get out of Hungary now and not come back because they have no place in Hungary. He also added that if they had trouble leaving that Hungary would help them to leave: […]

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BREAKING: Japan Sends First Military Troops Ever Overseas To Africa- The Axis Powers Are Rebuilding Their Alliances Of Old In Preparation For A Massive And Horrific World War

We have been saying here on to watch out for Japan, that Japan is rebuilding its military and will be a great imperial power and threat to humanity once again. Now in a breaking story, Japan is sending military troops for the first time ever since World War II overseas to Africa: A contingent of […]

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Elderly Italian Man Breaks Downs In Horror As Police Confiscate His Private Hotel And Force Him To House Muslim Invaders

***UPDATE FROM ON THE GROUND***- contact in Italy Mr. Thomas Paccinotti has additional information to add about this story, and I quote: “It’s true. However the Carabinieri and local Catholic league intervened against the court order and the Police. The court order has been revoked. This happened days ago….The court confiscation was overruled. However it […]

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