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Muslim Man Becomes A Christian, Muslims Severely Beat Him In Public With A Pick Axe And Break His Knee And Now He And His Family Is In Hiding From The Muslims In The UK

Nissar Hussein was a Muslim who found Jesus 20 years ago and became a Christian along with his wife. They have six children. Now living in the UK, this is not the first, but the second time they have been savagely attacked by Muslims in the UK. They are d A man has been forced […]

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Muslims Gang Rape Teen Girl, She Reports It To The Police, The Police Chief Turns Around And Rapes And Threatens To Kill Her

Muslim violence against non-Muslims is a reflection of the violence they wield against their own kind. Despite all the talk about the supposed “greatness” of the “Muslim world,” Muslims are most violent and commit the most heinous crimes against their own people. Americans and Europeans are shocked about the mass rapes that Muslims have brought […]

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This Election Is Between Those Who Are For God And Those Who Are For Tyranny. If You Vote For Hillary, You Are On The Side Of Evil And An Agent Of Satan

By Theodore Shoebat If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are an agent of Satan and on the side of Antichrist. I did a whole video on this:   To Learn More About Christianity’s War Against Islam And The Antichrist, Get Our New 2-Disk Dvd Special On Christian Militancy PERSECUTION IS COMING, AND EVENTUALLY SHOEBAT.COM […]

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