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Erdogan, The Leader Of Turkey, Just Declared This Threat To Europe: ‘Allow Me To Join The E.U. Or Else I Will Flood Europe With Another Wave Of Muslim Migrants.’

By Theodore Shoebat Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, got extremely upset because the talks in regards to bringing in Turkey into the EU were suspended. In response, he threatened that if Europe does not allow Turkey into the EU, that he will flood Europe with more Muslim immigrants. I did a whole video on this: […]

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Head Of Italian Interior Ministry Declares To Citizens: ‘You Will Surrender Your Homes To The Muslims Or You Will Be Prosecuted And Sent To Jail’

Angelino Alfano. He plans to take your house and give it to Muslims and arrest you if you say no. We covered a few days ago how the Italian government seized a hotel from its elderly owner to house Muslims, but thanks to the assistance of the local Carabinieri and Catholic League helped him get […]

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Muslims Take Christian Man, Slice His Body And Hang Him By The Ceiling, They Then Put Salt On His Wounds To Torture Him, And Bring Muslim Women To Sexually Molest Him

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq kidnapped a Christian man named Karlus and severely tortured him. They sliced his body and hung him by his foot, and as blood flowed from his injured foot, they put salt on his wounds to make the pain more agonizing, they also brought in Muslim women to sexually […]

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Major Christian Leader Of Russia Declares: Trump Is The Only American Leader That Gives Hope For Persecuted Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Patriarch Kirill of Russia declared that Trump is the only American leader that gives hope for Christians in fighting off the Islamic State, a great persecutor of Christians. According to one report: Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, has said that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is the only American […]

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Burn Jews, BURN!

Thought to be simply forest fires, coincidentally fires across Israel take place in the past few days.  It is quickly revealed that maybe it isn’t an act of nature, but a new form of terrorism.  Hamas takes credit as squads of arson terrorists are possibly the cause of the widespread horror.  More than 75,000 residents […]

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ISIS Terrorists Chase Down Major Security Officer And Slaughter Him In A Sick Video-Game Style Execution Film

ISIS terrorists released video of them chasing down a major security officer in Yemen and slaughtering him on camera video-game style: The terror group released a video of the chilling slaughter of airport security chief Col. Abd Al-Rahim Al-Dale’i who was gunned down by an ISIS militant in war-torn Aden. Although no group initially claimed […]

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