Archive | November 24, 2016

MAJOR MASSACRE: Eighty People Slaughtered In Islamic Mass Bombing

By Theodore Shoebat A major massacre just happened in Iraq, with eighty people in dead in a bomb. Here is the report: At least 80 people, many of them Shiite pilgrims on their way home to Iran, were killed on Thursday when an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated a truck filled with explosives at a […]

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The Biggest Thing To Give Thanks For This Thanksgiving Is The Mercy Of God

Christ the King God has absolutely no need for man. Omnipresent and omnipotent, uncreated and eternal, the culmination of perfection, God exists perfectly unto Himself. Yet as God is Love, He created man for the sake of love. Even when man rejected God through sin, God still chose to redeem Him by sending Himself to […]

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‘You Are All Vicious, Stinking Pieces Of Sh_t- We Don’t Want Any More Mosques And If We Could We Would Destroy You All’- Furious Italians Rip Islam And Muslims On National Television In Shocking Report

This shocking video was shown recently on television on Italy. It shows beyond question that the Italians are sick of Islam and Muslims. Calling them vicious, disgusting pieces of sh_t among many other terms and making threats of brutal violence, they make clear the once unthinkable- that Italy has turned its back on Islam and […]

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There Is A Major Conspiracy Being Done Right Now To Revive The Roman Empire To Advance The Islamic Antichrist And Destroy Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat There is a major conspiracy being done right now, to revive the Roman Empire, usher in the Antichrist and destroy Christendom. Major players involved in this conspiracy are Boris Johnson, who explicity said that he wants to bring Turkey into the EU specifically for the purpose of reviving a pagan Roman Empire. […]

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