What The Media Is Not Telling You: Deciphering And Unlocking The Message Of OSU Terrorist Proves He Gave Allegiance To ISIS And To Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Reading the media analysis on the OSU attack gives me the laughs on how they are unable to decipher the code message by that Somali ISIS lone wolf Abdul Razak Ali Artan:

Artan posted a lengthy rant on Facebook blaming the US for all the problems in the Muslim world and hailing terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki as a “hero.” … There was no specific threat of violence but a suggestion that the U.S. could stop “lone wolf attacks” by making peace with “dawla in al sham,” an outdated name for ISIS.

What they are not telling you (or perhaps they are still so ignorant about) is that this is no “rant” and “making peace with “dawla in al sham” is (unlike what they stated) is a “threat of violence”.

“There was no specific threat of violence”? Idiots. Real idiots.

They do not comprehend the basics of Islam and its method of communication. Artan was giving out the standard Islamic “Aslim Taslam,” the mandate by Islam “make peace (by submission) and be at peace” or face the consequences. Islam mandates that such a declaration be sent out to justify an attack. This offer of truce is the pre-declaration of war throughout Islamic history. Artan simply posted the Caliphate’s mandate before he can justify carrying out his Nice-style terror attack.

Artan’s post says: “make peace with dawla [ISIS]” “By Allah we will not let you sleep before you give peace to Muslims“.

He is not asking for ‘peace’ you media idiots, he is demanding the U.S. give the Bay’ah (allegiance to the Caliph), to give “peace to Muslims” through accepting the mark of Islam.

This is the Aslim Taslam mandate of Islam.


It is the type of offer found in letters sent by Muhammad (and the caliphs after him) to tribes and nations mandating them to “give allegiance and embrace Islam and you will be safe,” embrace it not, and its beheading and is why Artan posted this mandate and wielded a huge knife. It is a pre-requisit which without, the Muslim umma (nation) is not justified to carry out Jihad.

Yet the liberal media says that there was no threat?! Idiots.

In May 2006, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, sent a similar letter to former US President George W. Bush saying aslim taslam. Osama bin Laden sent a handful of such letters both to USA and Europe saying aslim taslam. Adam Gadahn, an American-born Muslim convert from Al Qaeda, sent a video to the American people and said aslim taslam. Egyptian Cleric Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal issued a similar statement aslim taslam to President Barack Obama. Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia spokesperson, Ismail Yusanto said to Nikolas van Dam, the Dutch ambassador for Indonesia that the Dutch government is responsible for the Fitna (film) of Geert Wilders and said aslim taslam.

Note carefully the phrases such as: “we will not let you sleep before you give peace to Muslims” is the style written in many of the letters seen in history requesting allegiance (not peace). Islam speaks in reverse.

These are conditional statements that “safety” and/or “peace” or “security” is something that will only come to pass provided a condition you give allegiance to Caliph Al-Baghdadi.

Only if a Caliphate is established can a Muslim give such decree. Therefore, Artan by this recognizes “Al-Baghdadi as “Caliph”, since only Al-Baghdadi has announced a Caliphate. This implies that since the U.S. did not become a Muslim, they will not have peace and security from the Muslim community now and in the future.

And since, according to Shariah, the absence of peace is “war” and this phrase is an implicit declaration of war on its recipient.

Such knowledge reveals Artan knows Shariah and has had ample training on its mandates while he was in Pakistan. We are yet to find out the status of the two arrested and how the alarm was turned on while Artan slammed into the crowd. This does not seem he acted alone. We said that the OSU was ISIS lone wolf before all these discoveries and before the name Artan and Pakistan was even delivered. The are two raise a question: who turned on the alarm while the other slammed into students?

But one thing for sure, according to Islam, Americans are infidels who need to die. Obama, Bush and the Republican congress have all worked together to flood our country with Somalis for decades. These are a people whom the FBI has said are statistically the most likely to join terrorist groups out of any community in the Unites States.

For years I went to university attacking Jihad and both professor and student attacked us instead. This Somali did a much better job than I could ever do since his ‘crash course’ was a quicker jolt to the numb brains for a supersonic awakening. They threw us out of these universities just because I espoused a myth; that certain people (especially the professors) had no brain matter in their skulls. We spoke to FBI lasses, Police, emergency responders … and in each lecture we warned about the alarm, bait and double whammy tactic of terrorists. The attack is usually after the crowds run like herds. The classic “leave the building” is not the best at times and even emergency responders are at grave danger. And now we are banned from giving classes because of our Islamophobia. Great. Have it your way. Idiots.

And now the Catholic charity aided such Jihadis by un-intentionally giving shelter. Catholic Charities confirmed Abdul Razak Ali Artan briefly stayed at their shelter in Dallas. Instead of paying attention to un-intentionally aiding terrorists, perhaps we should all pay attention to suffering Christians instead:


Here is “give me peace” Christian style: