Archive | June 8, 2017

Muslim Man Gets Mad At Five-Year-Old Russian Boy For Making Noise, He Takes A Knife And Stabs Him To Death

A Muslim man recently stabbed a five-year-old Russian boy to death for ‘making too much noise’, according to a recent report: German authorities say an Afghan man who had served prison time for arson fatally stabbed a five-year-old Russian boy at a home for asylum-seekers after an apparent argument about noisy children. The 41-year-old assailant […]

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ISIS Massacres Over Two Hundred People, Children Are Gunned Down With Their Parents As They Flee For Their Lives

ISIS has just massacred over two hundred people in the city of Mosul. Many of them were children and their parents trying flee as they were gunned down by the terrorists: The Islamic State terrorist group massacred at least 231 civilians, including children trying to flee, in the span of just two weeks in the […]

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Man Gets Mad At Restaurant Staff For Putting Onions On His Food, He Pulls Down His Pants, Whips Out His Member And Declares ‘I’m Going To Shoot All Of You’

It wasn’t the gun that the waitstaff at All India restaurant expected when Yuba Sharma became angry because there were onions accidentally added to his meal. In a fit of rage he pulled down his pants, whipped out his member and declared he was going to shoot up the restaurant: A man is facing charges […]

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Secret Documents Reveal A Grand Conspiracy Behind Qatar And Turkey For A Muslim Brotherhood Takeover

By Walid Shoebat So why is Turkey sending its troops to Qatar? Secret leaked documents which we will share here reveal much behind what is happening in Qatar that most westerners never get to see and understand Turkey’s involvement sending 10,000 soldiers to guard the Emir and plans to hide him in Iran. That plus […]

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