Archive | June 2, 2017

Muslim Terrorists Take Young Man, And Each Take Turns Raping Him, They Then Tell Him: ‘We Got The Rape On Film, You Must Blow Yourself Up For Allah Or We Will Reveal The Tape To Everyone.’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan gang raped a young man and got it on film, and then told the young man that he must blow himself up for Allah or else they would show the film to everyone. These Taliban or true pagan deviants. Here is the story: The Taliban in Afghanistan has […]

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“Its Her Time To Die”: Man In Massachusetts Takes Two Year Old Girl Beats And Strangles Her To Death After Declaring That She Is A Demon

By Theodore Shoebat “Its her time to die” were the words said by a man in Massachusetts who murdered a two year old girl after declaring she was a demon. Here is the story: Rachelle Bond, the mother of the 2-year-old whose body washed up on a Boston Harbor island, is testifying in the murder […]

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