Archive | June 15, 2017

Hungry Florida Man Arrested After Assaulting His Mother Over A Cheeseburger

A Florida man was arrested after assaulting his mother in an argument ‘over a cheeseburger’ according to a recent report: An argument ‘over a cheeseburger’ between a Florida mother and her son Monday night has resulted in a domestic battery charge against the young man. Cops allege that Noah Sullivan-Lincoln got into a physical dispute […]

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Muslims Destroy Catholic Church, Say ‘It Was ‘Structurally Unsafe,’ Build A Mosque And Koranic School On Its Ruins

It’s common in Muslim nations for local governments to find “reasons” for to destroy Churches and Christian holy places. This just happened in Algeria according to a recent report, where Muslims destroyed a Catholic Church but are building a mosque and Koran school in its place because the church was “structurally unsafe”: Authorities in Algeria […]

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