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Seven Muslims Kidnap 10-Year-Old Mentally Disabled Boy And Film Themselves Savagely Raping Him

In a horrific story coming out of Kuwait, seven Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 23 kidnapped a 10-year-old disabled boy and then savagely raped him while filming the whole incident. The men have been sentenced to death, but they are now threatening to put the video online: Seven men have been sentenced […]

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Canada Declares To All Parents In New Law ‘If You Do Not Support The LGBT We Will Take Your Children Away’

Many people have been warning for years that the LGBT agenda was an attempt at a raw power grab to strip Christianity from society and force Christians to deny their faith and submit to a sinful agenda on pain of severe legal punishments. According to a new law passed in Canada, parents who offer any […]

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Middle Aged Muslim Man Kidnaps Pre-Teen Christian School Girl And Nobody Knows Where She Is

Christian girls are routinely kidnapped by Muslim. Many times they are then raped and forced to marry their rapists. In a story coming out of Bangladesh, a Christian girl was kidnapped by a 35-year-old Muslim man, and now nobody knows where she is: A 12-year-old Catholic girl was kidnapped by a 35-year-old Muslim man, Fajal […]

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Major Homosexual Leader Declares: “We Will Take Human Fetuses And Make Them Into Cream.”

By Theodore Shoebat A major homosexual leader in the nation of Chile, Rolando Jiménez, recently declared that he wants to take human fetuses and make them into cream. According to one Spanish report: After approval of the idea of ​​legislating the abortion project in Chile by the Senate Health Commission, the spokesman of the Movimento de […]

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Muslim Terrorists Butcher 100 People In A Matter Of Days, They Take Christians And Tell Them To Declare That There Is No God But Allah, The Christians Refuse And The Muslims Tie Them Up And Slaughter Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists butchered 100 people already in the Philippines, during the current jihadist invasion of the city of Marawi, in the Filipino island of Mindanao. Christians were seized and told to declare that there is no god but Allah. Those who refused, were slaughtered. ISIS flags are now even being flown in […]

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