Archive | June 28, 2017

Hindu Mob Seizes Christian Man And Orders Him To Worship Hindu Gods, He Refuses And They Brutally Beat Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Hindu mob in India seized a Christian man and told him to worship Hindu gods, when he refused they brutally beat him. As we read in one report: People in India have been converting to Christianity following what has been described as miraculous healings done in the name of Jesus, persecution […]

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Terrorist In Manhattan Goes To A Church And Asks Man If He Is A Christian, The Man Says, ‘Yes I Am,’ The Terrorist Declares: ‘I Will Blow Up This Church, And I Will Kill All Of The Christians Because Of Your Faith.’

By Theodore Shoebat and Andrew Bieszad  A terrorist in Manhattan named Noel Droni went to a church and asked a man if he was a Christian, and when he said that he was, Droni said that he will blow up the church and kill all the Christians because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Here is […]

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Major Conservative Media Outlets Are Now Promoting Satanism As The Future Of The ‘Right Wing’

Lauren Southern, formerly of Rebel Media and now operating as an “independent journalist,” has worked closely with Breitbart News, the National Socialist Martin Sellner who we famously exposed on, and other “alt-right” groups that are little more than a cover for the National Socialist movement that has been prepared for a long time and […]

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