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America Threatens To Put Christian-Friendly Russia On List For “Violating” The Religious Liberties Of Christians

While America is out supporting ISIS terrorists and has done little to nothing to help Christians in Middle Eastern nations who are suffering real persecution from our nation’s choices, it has recently turned her attention to Russia, and for the first time is threatening to put Russia on a list of  countries of “particular concern” […]

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‘Poland Doesn’t Want Muslims Because No Muslims Means No Terrorism’- Polish Member Of European Parliament States The Obvious

Ryszard Czarnecki is one of Poland’s representatives to the European Parliament. In light of the most recent series of terrorist attacks, he stated that Poland refuses to allow Muslim immigration for a simple and obvious reason- because no Muslims means no terrorism: The only way to protect Poland from terrorist attacks is by not allowing […]

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Gunman In Orlando Opens Fire And Massacres Five People

By Theodore Shoebat A gunman in Orlando opened fire and massacred five people. Its just another day in America, where such violence is rampant. Here is the report: A Florida sheriff has identified a man suspected of fatally shooting five former co-workers and then killing himself. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings says 45-year-old John Robert […]

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Muslim Terrorists Enter Catholic Church, They See A Poster Of Pope Francis And Tear It Up, They Destroy A Giant Crucifix And Shatter The Catholic Icons And Declare That All These Things Are Pagan Idols

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in the Philippines, who have an affinity with ISIS, entered a Catholic Church, ripped apart a poster of Pope France, destroyed a giant Crucifix and shattered the Catholic icons. Why? Because these terrorists believe that Catholic iconography is pagan idolatry. Here is the video of this iconoclast crime? This is […]

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