Archive | June 10, 2017

Major Evidence Reveals That Robert Spencer Is Working With Genocidal Satanist Nazi Cult That Plans To Eradicate All Christians In Concentration Camps

By Theodore, Walid and Andrew (A Shoebat Sunday Special) Your favorite ‘conservative rightwing’ media, activists, political movements have sold the farm! There is no other way to put it. In this (and in the next coming weeks) we will investigate your favorite right-wing sources and reveal secrets you have never read before. From Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch occult and […]

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Small American City Overwhelmed As Hordes Of Migrants Pour In, Harassing The Locals And Demanding Free Welfare Benefits

Right now Western nations are being invaded by a flood of illegal immigrants. Thanks to open-border policies, lax security, and liberal immigration laws, nations are being overwhelmed and destroyed from within. Such is the case of a small American town that, known for its love of socialism and generous welfare policies have allowed such a […]

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