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Catholic Priest Miraculously Saved From Muslim Terrorists After They Kidnap Him, Beat Him, Tie Him Up And Tell Him ‘We Are Going To Roast You Like A Goat’,

Fr. Samuel Okwuidegbe was kidnapped last year by Muslim terrorists, and after severely beating him and tying him up, the threatened to roast him like a goat but he was miraculously saved: A Nigerian priest detailed his kidnapping by Islamic radicals, saying he was stripped of his clothes, tied up “like a goat” and prepared […]

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Three Hundred Officers And Government Officials Destroy Christian Church In China

By Theodore Shoebat Three hundred officers and government officials took part in the destruction of a Christian church in China. Communism is still strong to a certain extent, but hopefully it will all be destroyed by the rise of Christianity in that country. Here is the story: Local authorities in China’s Henan province reportedly destroyed […]

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Cartels In Mexico Are Butchering Christians, And It Is So Bad That Mexico Is The Most Dangerous Country To Be A Catholic Priest

By Theodore Shoebat The cartels in Mexico have been butchering Christians. Thats right, right across the border Christians are being butchered and enslaved. This is not just happening in the Islamic world, its happening right across the border. The Mexican people, by and large, are Catholics, which means they are Christians. A lot of the […]

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