Archive | June 17, 2017

The Government Of Texas Just Made A New Law: Christian Adoption Agencies Will Have The Right To Not Give Children To Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Texas just made a new law that allows Christian adoption agencies to not give children to homosexual perverts. God bless Texas for this! According to one report: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott yesterday signed into law a bill that protects Christian adoption agencies from being forced to place children in […]

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Franklin Graham Calls Out Donald Trump And His Rounding Up Of Iraqi Christians, And Declares That It Is Wrong To Deport Them Back To Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat Franklin Graham just made a message addressed to the Trump administration’s recent rounding up of Iraqi Christians who have criminal records: that it is wrong to send these people back to Iraq. According to one report: Prominent evangelist Franklin Graham says he finds it “very disturbing” that immigration authorities have arrested many […]

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