Archive | June 27, 2017

Chinese Government Kidnaps Catholic Bishop And Now Nobody Knows Where He Is

The Chinese Government has been attacking the Catholic Church by using “legal enforcement” to attack churches, kidnap and torture priests and believers. According to a recent report, Chinese Bishop Peter Shao has been abducted by the Chinese government and nobody knows where he is, and the Vatican is publicly concerned for his safety: On Monday […]

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Homosexual Pervert In Thong Publicly Gyrates In Front Of Little Girl At “Gay Pride” Event In San Francisco

Homosexuals are pouring out a torrent of filth across the world as shameless men engage in vile sexual activity in front of the most innocent of people. This includes young children. In a recent “gay pride” parade in San Francisco, a bystander took a video of a horrible scene where a gay man dressed in […]

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