Archive | June 26, 2017

Muslim Terrorists Walk Into Church, Destroy Images Of Jesus And Mary And Dump The Eucharist On The Floor

Muslim terrorists from ISIS have been terrorizing the Philippines. Terrorists went into a church and destroyed the statues of Jesus and Mary and then took the Eucharist and dumped it on the ground according to a recent report: Cardinal Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato has condemned “in the strongest terms possible” the reported desecration of a […]

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ISIS Releases Graphic Video Showing Kids Doing Executions Of Prisoners, Slitting The Throats Of Prisoners And Blowing Their Heads Off

ISIS has released a new and graphic video showing more executions of prisoners of war. The video shows kids doing executions, throats being slit and stabbing the corpse after, and blowing the heads off of prisoners at close range: The Islamic State has released a brand new propaganda video covering its activities in Afghanistan, a […]

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