Swedish Security Officer Stops Attempted Rape Of Christian Woman, He Loses His Job And May Face Prosecution


“Erik” was originally from Sri Lanka. Married to a refugee himself, he came to Sweden over two decades ago, has since served in the Swedish military. Recently during one of his tours of duty, he stopped the rape of a Christian woman at the hands of Muslims. After the incident and frustrated at what he saw was the failure of the government to stop increasingly aggressive attacks by Muslims, he vented his anger on Facebook. Upon his employer reading his comments he was fired and now may face prosecution for his comments:

 I’m adopted from Sri Lanka, he explains the News Today.

Despite that, he has been branded as a racist. Or, as it says in a decision of the Armed Forces Staff Disciplinary; he “expresses opinions that are in direct conflict with the Armed Forces’ mission and values.” Last May this year, Erik namely was fired from his job as a part-time soldier after having spent more than half his life in defense.

– I was 15 when I joined the Home Guard, says Erik.

– Then I went over to the Armed Forces. I have also worked on and off for other employers.

In total, he had 25 years in the Armed Forces behind him.

Stopped rape of asylum accommodation

It is his civilian job as a security guard who had come to play a central role in why he was fired from the Armed Forces. At one point he was alerted to namely an asylum accommodation because of a brawl there. It turned out that a group of asylum seekers tried to molest a woman at the accommodation.

– I had to fight a group of idiots who tried to rape the woman, says Erik.

– It was a Christian woman. There is nothing unusual when Christians constantly live in fear of Lodging and women did not even dare to go to the toilets at night because they risk being raped, he continues.

The event made a strong impression Erik and afterward he wrote in about their experiences on Facebook. The statements attracted the attention of his employer who first brought in Erik the boss calls to, as you call it, “correct” his behavior. When he refused to align themselves in the ranks, he was fired as part of what he wrote was perceived as menacing and contrary to the basic values.

Together we go through what Eric wrote on Facebook and Armed Forces consider contrary to their values:

“Multiculturalism, in reality, merely is a euphemism for Islam”

“No country where Islam has come, Islam has adapted itself to the country, so why should we believe that it is here?”

“We go with mathematical certainty the same fate as Zoroatiska Iran Budhistiska Pakistan, Kosovo Orthodox, Catholic Bosnia, Catholic Lebanon and now the Orthodox Syria”

“Those who have a passion so blindly Islamists will continue to find excuses for them even on the day they are in their home and cut the throats of their wives and rape their children (the same happened and is happening in Mo)”

“Somali and Afghan rapists are heavily featured in the rape, according to statistics”

“To call grown men for children is a joke that only works in Sweden, I myself have seen it on HVB homes and Immigration Service, etc.”

– I stand by it 110 percent, says Erik without seeming to hesitate for a second.

– I’m open to that I am not for multiculturalism in Sweden, as in my view it is a euphemism for Islam, and I stand to be in Sweden to advise Swedish culture.

Armed Forces accuse Erik for not standing up for the agency’s core values ​​and it is a claim which he bluntly admits is correct.

– I have been following its values ​​as it was when I took the oath, that is, to love my flag and my country and keep it from our enemies, he says. (source)

Rape in Sweden due to the Muslim arrivals is a major issue. At the same time, the Swedish classification of rape is so loose and has been so for so long that almost any kind of attempts at interaction between the sexes can be classified as a “rape.” As such, Swedish rape statistics simply cannot be trusted be trusted and claims of rape have to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

That said, the rise of Islam is a real problem in Sweden, and it is not inaccurate to say that if the current rates of immigration coupled with the decline of birth rates continue, Sweden will cease to be Swedish, but will come to reflect that of the people who are coming into it. Once lauded as one of the “greatest nations on earth,” and “best places to live,” Sweden is quickly becoming a part of the third world that due to is proximity with the rest of Europe will export said behaviors to the rest of Europe if not immediately, then over time.

Why was this allowed to happen?

PJ Media recently put out an article entitled “Does Europe Subconsciously Expect America To Save It Again?” Referring to Sweden, President Trump’s recent visit to Poland, and the current state of European affairs, he writes:

On the cruise I’ve been taking to six Baltic states, it suddenly struck me that Europe — though perhaps only subconsciously — expects America to save it once again in the end.

That would explain, in part, the fecklessness with which many of the countries — Sweden as a notable example, but almost all with the exception of the Eastern European states — treat the Islamic terror threat across their continent, this even after numerous attacks on their soil.

This is a threat that has already metastasized into a full invasion, a stealth jihad, as Robert Spencer would have it, with the nature of Old Europe changing beyond recognition. Indeed, it already has already gone a long way in that direction in many cities.

Now, you may have heard, in the spirit of “no good deed goes unpunished,” daddy is not particularly popular hereabouts, especially in the western European states. This dislike — exacerbated, of course, by envy — has only redoubled with the advent of the dreaded Trump. But just as in any family — dysfunctional or otherwise — daddy (should he exist) is almost always called upon in a pinch. The children may be embarrassed, even humiliated, to beg for help, but they’ll do it nevertheless.

The problem this time, however, is that daddy may not be able to, or even want to, come to Europe’s defense. Europe had the bad luck (not to mention lack of foresight) to get its cheap labor from an Islamic world that had contempt for Europe’s still relatively Judeo-Christian culture (even more contempt for its secularism) and no interest in assimilating. In fact, the reverse. Europe is obviously already paying the price. How much further it will go remains to be seen, but prospects are not good. (source)

How interesting. Two points to pull from this.

First, the comment about visiting “six Baltic nations” in the first paragraph.

This is a reference to what is currently known as the Nordic-Baltic Eight, which constitute the Baltic nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia with their Nordic counterparts of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. The council had its roots in the Nordic Council which is a cooperative project between the five Nordic nations but primarily between Denmark and Sweden with the purpose of promoting a pan-Scandinavian economic and political union through economics and the concentration of power. Note that both Denmark and Sweden are historical empires who controlled and colonized Finland, Norway, and Iceland throughout their history and while not per se “German” retain strong historical ties and military allegiances with Germany and share identical cultural ideas about religion, statism, and the promotion of nationalism as a means to bring back their old empires.

As Wikipedia notes,

The Nordic Council first contacted Baltic parliamentarians in around 1989. Official co-operation began in November 1991, when the Nordic Council attended the inaugural meeting of the Baltic Assembly in Tallinn. A formal co-operation agreement between the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly was signed in 1992.

The Nordic countries were amongst the strongest supporters of the Baltic countries’ independence and later they were the first to open their borders, introducing visa-free regimes with the Baltic countries.

When Baltic countries regained their independence and during their integration into the European and transatlantic structures, they were strongly supported by their Nordic neighbors. The Nordic-Baltic co-operation took place in various levels: networking and cooperation were established among politicians, civil servants and civil societies. The Nordic countries actively assisted the Baltic countries in their preparations for integration into the European Union and NATO. (source)

The Baltic nations are very tiny. In so far as land mass or geopolitical importance, while they retain some, they are basically irrelevant at large. So why would they push so hard for their “integration” into NATO and the EU as well as be their largest supporters of independence from Russia?

Last year on Shoebat.com, we wrote about how military analysts have predicted that a conflict that could spiral into a full out war would likely have its roots in the Baltic nations due to the fact that while they are a very small land area, they are a source of continual strife between Russia and Germany with her Nordic allies. As we noted:

Christianity came to Europe shortly after Jesus’ death, but it did not fully penetrate into all of the continent until the 14th century. The nations of northern Europe and specifically, the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were not only the last peoples to embrace the Faith, but they were for many centuries violently opposed to all forms of Christianity. At the time, Poland had already been fighting with the Baltic peoples for several centuries and to no avail. As such, it turned to its German neighbor and asked for the help of the Teutonic Knights to conquer and convert these pagan tribes.

The Teutonic Knights came to Poland’s assistance, and the long-term consequences of their presence was mixed and eventually came to be despised by the Slavic people. The Teutonic Knights were asked to help specifically with these wars against the Baltic pagans alone- their invitation was not meant to be permanent, but that is not what happened. The Germans arrived and did not leave, and not only that, but these same Germans began to assert they had a right to all of Poland’s coastal lands on the North and Baltic Seas, and they formed a union of merchants to assert economic and political control over the area called the Hanseatic League. Based in the northern German city of Lübeck, this act effectively cut off Poland from any coastal commerce with its immediate Nordic, Baltic, and Russian neighbors without going through German merchant and middlemen and became part of a long, angry, and difficult point of disagreement between the German and Polish peoples. As Germany’s power grew in the Baltic areas, they used this influence to start making unsuccessful military incursions into Russia and as far north as Finland. Like Poland, Russia was not pleased with the imperial attitude prevalent with these German merchants. (source)

Germany views the Baltic nations as part its empire. The idea of a “pan-Nordic union” as articulated by the Swedes and the Danes is shared by Germany because they view themselves as a common people with a common heritage and as such share a common goal to bring back what they view as their collective empire. This was the sentiment shared at the infamous “Counterjihad 2007” summits in Brussels and Copehagen, in which Edward S. May, a.k.a. “Baron Boddissey” of the infamous Gates of Vienna blog wrote in which through invoking the pagan imagery of the mythological “Holger Danske” he alluded to an “awakening” of the “vikings” and of the “men of the north”:

The whole event transpired just because the Baron couldn’t keep his ideas to himself. During an online meeting of the directors of CVF back in February, someone raised the topic of dissatisfaction among the members of the Danish chapter of Vigilant Freedom. The Danes were fed up with all the talk; they wanted some action.

“I have an idea,” the Baron piped up. “The Brits are doing so well right now — what we need is a meeting between the Brits and the Danes. It should happen in Denmark. That will really energize the Vikings.”

As usual, it was decided that since the Baron dreamed this up, it was going to be up to him to organize it.

Holger Danske vågner.

[Holger Danske is stirring.]

Denmark’s hour of need has arrived, and Holger Danske is honor-bound to awaken and defend her.

Actually, the Danes seem to be doing pretty well on their own. It’s the entire Western world that needs Holger.

He is an archetypal Scandinavian, but he also represents a peculiarly northern strain of industrious liberty. Denmark just happens to be the place he chose to dwell.

His character is spread throughout the countries who owe their cultural origins to northern Europe and the British Isles. We are all Men of the North. (source)

This theme of “the vikings” is consistently mentioned in the “counter jihad movement” as well as by the National Socialists, who associate themselves with paganism. The “vikings,” who were known for their heathenry and all of the barbarism that accompanies any form of paganism, were a long-suffering cause of the Catholic missionaries, who arduously worked for centuries to evangelize them, as one of the greatest obstacles to their conversion was their obsession with themselves and their culture, as they viewed themselves as greater than their neighbors.  Thus even after their conversion, they have historically felt justified in conquering and enslaving their neighbors, which is all of the other European nations. The Slavic peoples have traditionally experienced the greatest amount of their aggression because of their geographic proximity to these countries.

Professor Rudolf Kjellen. He invented the term “geopolitics.”

It was also why the Nordic nations beginning with Germany were the first places to rebel against the Church in the 16th century beginning with Luther, as both he and the National Socialists of today are no different than the communists, as they all believe in a centralized state made for the “good of the people” in which all aspects of life are subjugated to that state, which acts as a kind of super-organism through the corporate social body that assumes a life of its own. As the Swedish Professor Rudolf Kjellen, who was highly influential on the thought of National Socialism wrote as the title of his book, it is The State as a Life-form (Der Staat als Lebensform). The difference between the National Socialists and the communists is that the national socialists believe in a nationalized form of socialism, whereas the communist believes in a international socialism, but all to the same ends of power at all cost.

The Communist uses economics and class as his point of pressure to leverage social change, but the National Socialist uses race and culture as his pressure point. While both are deadly, the National Socialist is far more dangerous because whereas economics and class are external to the person, race and culture are a part of an individual’s makeup, so that to attack either of these is to make a personal attack on the individual and thus is able to more easily inflame passions. It is one thing if somebody says the problem is THOSE EVIL RICH PEOPLE OPPRESSING YOU OVER THERE THAT WANT YOUR MONEY, but it becomes a personal matter when it is presented as THOSE EVIL FOREIGN PEOPLE OVER THERE WANT TO DESTROY YOUR HERITAGE AND FAMILY. Yet in terms of German history, this approach used by the National Socialists was first exploited by Luther himself, who after talking about the problems which THOSE ITALIANS/SPANISH/FRENCH/MEDITERRANEAN PEOPLE WERE DOING TO GERMANY, he then presented the answer to be to make ein deutsche Gott für ein deutsche Leute, with Luther himself as their prophet through which modern German nationalism was created:

How few people do realise the deep and permanent connection between religion and politics, faith and world-affairs! So many English people indulge in wishful thinking. They argue according to their own logic. They assume that the Germans adopt the same logic. They try to show a light to the Germans which the Germans do not only not want, but which they despise. Their Christ, their God, their Messiah—Martin Luther—taught them to hate reason and intelligence, and they followed willingly and ever since.

Some people might be surprised, or indeed shocked, if I called Luther “Germany’s Christ”—but that is just what he tried to be himself, an attempt which was only too successful.

“It was not long before Luther’s pseudo-mysticism translated itself into deeds. He persuades himself that he is guided in all his actions and resolutions by a sort of Divine inspiration.” He first began to explain, in a new fashion, “God’s Word”. But it soon became apparent that “by `God’s Word’ Luther of course always meant his own interpretation of Scripture, his own doctrine, which he prided himself has been revealed to him by God.”

“When I am angry, I am not expressing my own wrath, but the wrath of God”. Luther knew that he was superior to any man or saint. “St. Augustine or St. Ambrosius cannot be compared with me.” “They shall respect our teaching which is the word of God, spoken by the Holy Ghost, through our lips”. “Not for a thousand years has God bestowed such great gifts on any bishop as He as on me” (E61, 422). “God has appointed me for the whole German land, and I boldly vouch and declare that when you obey me you are without a doubt obeying not me but Christ” (W15, 27). “Whoever obeys me not, despises not me but Christ.” “I believe that we are the last trump that sounds before Christ is coming”. “What I teach and write remains true even though the whole world should fall to pieces over it.” (W18, 401). “Whoever rejects my doctrine cannot be saved.” “Nobody should rise up against me”.

“No mortal ever spoke of himself as Luther did”. His persecution mania turned with advancing years into a mania of self-glorification, of grandeur. He really and truly believed that he was God’s representative upon earth. He did not refrain from saying and teaching, “I am Christ”; and he exclaimed, almost in the same breath, “I am the prophet of the Germans, for such is the haughty title I must henceforth assume.”

Thus I cannot thing that I said too much when I called Luther “the German Christ”—for such is what he wanted to be, what he believed himself to be, and what, unfortunately, his fellow-countrymen accepted him to be.

Luther’s God and Luther’s Christ had to be blamed—and this is a natural consequence of the Reformer’s character, views and manias—for every wrong Luther himself committed. “If God is concerned for the interests of His son He will watch over me; my cause is the cause of Jesus Christ. If God careth not for the glory of Christ, He will endanger His own and will have to bear the shame.”

Thus, quite naturally, Luther does not always see eye to eye with God or Christ. “I have greater confidence in my wife and my pupils than I have in Christ,” he said on one occasion quite shamelessly (“Table Talk”, 2397b). “When I beheld Christ I seemed to see the Devil”. I had a great aversion for Christ”. “Often I was horrified at the name of Christ, and when I regarded Him on the Cross, it was as if I had been struck by lightning; and when I heard His name mentioned, I would rather have heard the name of the Devil” (see Janssen **, 72; also Maritain, “Three Reformers”, p. 169). “I did not believe in Christ,” wrote Luther in 1537. The example of Jesus Christ Himself very often meant nothing to Luther (see E29, 196). (source)

Germanic nationalism has been a problem for her neighbors throughout European history because of her worldly and pagan obsession with herself. However, was historically able to be controlled or mitigated by the Catholic Church’s influence and through which she greatly benefited, as by redirecting her efforts away from herself and towards the good of others the Germanic people played important roles in the building up of European society, the spread of the Gospel, and the defense of Europe against the Muslims. It was when they turned away from the Faith and back towards paganism that they began to fight in increasingly larger and terrible wars in proportion to the weapons and logistical means of delivery they possessed for said weapons and supplies.

Lutheranism began the decline of Germany and the Nordic nations, for as their technology continued to outstrip their morality by continued rejection of the Catholic Faith, the nations became more pagan and susceptible to conflict. World Wars I and II finished off Christianity as a notable social presence in these nations, as they are functionally secular and in recent years are now beginning to embrace different forms of outright neopaganism as they begin to “assert” themselves once again. This was already present during the 19th and 20th century but is now becoming popularize and acts as the spiritual and philosophical center of these nationalist movements and as we have also documented, the counter-jihad movement itself, as it as publicly tied itself to the worst forms of neopaganism, witchcraft, and demonism. Likewise, as we have also noted, the plans of these nations to rebuild their old empires have been in the works for a long time, and they view Islam as the lever today by which they will use to once again hoist up the nationalist sentiments of their people.

A map of the Hanseatic League during the 14th century. Note the territorial possessions in the Baltic nations. This is part of a greater plan for empire.

The “Baltic Six” nations are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (the three historical Baltic nations) with Denmark, Sweden, and Finland– the first two which are major empire and the last one which has historically conflicted with Russia. They are part of German’s historical Hanseatic League, which during Medieval times acted as a pan-Nordic empire and which the refugee crisis is being used to attempt to bring back today.

This leads to the second point from the PJ media article, which is the emphasis on “can the USA help Europe again.” A better yet rhetorical question to ask would be “Does Europe want the USA’s help?,” which the answer is a resounding NO.

“Europe” as people discuss, while it includes many nations, is essentially Germany because Germany is the power behind the European Union, with France coming in at a distant second place. What Germany wants is what Germany will get be it for economics or politics. As we pointed out in a presentation from 2009 given byBritish Economist Bernard Connolly, the European Union (Germany) wants to use and if need be, to create major crises in order to assert and grow its own power:

Does the “refugee crisis” not fit the definition of a major crisis? And if that was not enough, what about how as we reported that the European Union and the United States are paying major charities and private companies large amounts of money to bring at no cost millions of people from the Middle East and Africa to European shores?

It simply does not make sense that millions of people who for the most part cannot read, write, or even spell their own name, who work in jobs that pay in a year what an American working part-time at minimum wage earns in a week and has likely scarcely ventured more than a dozen miles from his home village would pick up what little they have and be able to find and get on a ship or airplane, having traveled a many miles on a long and dangerous journey, to buy a one-way ticket to a land they know about only through a picture, TV show, or internet website and make a life for themselves. Its an absolute joke to think they did this on their own unless somebody did the work of getting them to  Europe for them.

Likewise when they get to Europe, these people are treated better than royalty, being given more things than they know or what to do with and at the same time being permitted license to act without restraint in society and liberated from any fear of legal prosecution while at the same time these same governments attacking their own people who so much as say a word about the crisis. The result is what one can see today, where crime is exploding throughout Europe and the European people who once welcomed the “refugees” are filled with fear and now a consuming hatred where they want these people to be gone as well as a strong central government to help them achieve this end. The response from the governments is to continually appease the “refugees” and given the appearance they are helpless, thus angering the population even more.

If these European governments wanted to stop this crisis, they could in a heartbeat. It makes no sense that hundreds of thousands of people just be given free passage to walk from Turkey to Germany, as one has seen many times in video and then say “we can’t do anything,” because anybody knows that one man with a machine gun could mow down the entire crowd of thousands in a matter of minutes just like what the Turks did to the British at Gallipoli in World War I except worse, as it would be akin to “shooting fish in a barrel.”

The governments want these population movements and they are refusing to respond to them because they want to give the impression they are helpless just like how the government of Hungary wanted our own Keith of Rescue Christians to sign a paper saying that the Hungarian government was helping Christian refugees when in reality they weren’t doing anything at all:

 The Hungarian government has been pressured by the EU to take Muslim refugees and they have refused but have indicated they are willing to help the Christians instead. This is a bare face lie! The Hungarian government is playing political games to avoid helping anyone. They have no interest in helping Christians, they as per the usual politicians, they talk a good game but there is no real action as to what is actually needed to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted. (source)

While the crises are real, the response to those crises are being intentionally chosen so to carefully manufacture an impression of reality that can be used for political advantage at a later point, which is the advancement of the cause of National Socialism.

Many Americans are excited about President Trump’s visit to Poland and his comments about Islam and Muslims. However, do not expect too much, because the ultimate conflict is not about Islam, the fate of the West, or even the good will of the people because it is not about them. If anything, they are side issues meant to distract from the pursuit of power at all costs. Trump is but one individual that is the public fact to what is a much larger plan in the same way that all of the crime which the Muslim immigrants do , which while it is a serious issue among others, is again treated as a side issue because it is a means through which the real goal of bringing back a new pagan order will be realized and with that all of the horror that come with it.

In ancient times and in pagan societies, human life is treated as a commodity because it is not per se recognized as being from God. Only certain lives are deemed worthy, and always based on characteristics that even if they may seem logical, are in essence arbitrary because man acts as the cause to determine the worthiness of life and death. Since the sin of Eden was man attempting to become like God by being able to define good and evil by his own definition, then the view that morality is a product of human will is to promote the idea that man can become god, and that some men are “gods among men” while others are meant to “serve” them, which separates into the commonly labeled division of the “haves and the have nots.” In a practical sense, it is reflected near perfectly in the Indian caste system, since certain people have more or less power over others because they “made that way” and that if the people beneath them live good lives they can be born into a higher caste in the next life.

This is how you are viewed

The caste system is a form of human farming since it reduced people to commodities and gives license to mistreatment of others based on what is an arbitrary state of life. It has nothing to do with truth, but is all about power and is one form of the ultimate plan for what certain men of power and wealth who run the world desire but in a different form. Viewing themselves as gods or desirous of becoming god because of their power, they seek to control other men beneath them so they can act as a farmer with herd of animals, who does what he wills with them for his benefit alone and without consideration to the animals, except this is men who want to do this to other men.

The end of the “refugee crisis,” the “conflict with Islam,” the push for empire, and all of the conflict that is brewing around us today is reflected in they eerie words of the Georgia Guidestones, in particular the first objective:

This is all about population control, because in their minds, in order to farm the human race they need to get control over “animals” they are intending to herd, and that means culling a large number of people.

They are coming to exterminate you. Given the tools, logistical systems, the decline of the Faith, and the growth of the most severe forms of the worst sins over a number and expanse that has never before been seen in history, the situation is being formed for a planned, massive die off of the human race through war, starvation, and persecution.

This is not about Muslims trying to rape people, or people being prosecuted for doing what is right. Neither is it about culture, nation, religion, or freedom. Neither is it even ultimately about empire.

It is about culling the human race like a farmer culls a flock of chickens. And you are on the list for the culling.